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This course aims to introduce the participants to the research process basic concepts, including research questions, review of the literature, quantitative research designs, populations and samples, data collection methods, data analysis, and presentation and discussion of study findings. The course provides participants with the basic skills to prepare for research projects. No prior knowledge or experience in research is required to take this course.

Instructor: Latefa Ali Dardas, Associate Professor,


This course aims to introduce the participants to the most commonly used inferential statistics, e.g., Chi-Square, Correlation Coefficients, The Independent t-Test, The One-Way ANOVA, linear regression, and Logistic Regression. The participants will be able to decide what statistical technique will provide the best answer to a given research question and to interpret the test results. In addition, they will develop the necessary computer skills using the SPSS to conduct basic statistical analyses.

Instructor:Latefa Ali Dardas, Associate Professor,


This course will provide the participants with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to provide care to critically ill patients and their families to assist them in adapting to their conditions and achieve the optimal level of functioning  with the minimum disabilities

Instructor: Mohammad YN Saleh, Professor,


This course provides the participants with an opportunity to advance knowledge and skills in infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities, including basic microbiology, the chain of infection, standard precautions,  transmission-based precautions, antimicrobial resistance, and strategies for preventing the spread of infectious disease to healthcare workers and patients.

Instructor​: Mohammad YN Saleh, Professor,

This course will help to equip participants who work with patients nearing the end of their lives or with specific Palliative care needs with the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively in this challenging arena.

Instructor: Issa Almansour, Associate Professor,


This course will help the participants to develop the knowledge and expertise to assist patients with wounds resulting from a variety of disease pathologies and factors

Instructor​: Mohammad YN Saleh, Professor,


This course focuses on communication principles and strategies that enable participants to interact therapeutically with clients in different clinical settings. The course provides a variety of methods to interact more effectively with clients, families, and professional colleagues.
Instructor: Issa Almansour, Associate Professor,


​This course will equip the participants with evidence-based content to increase their understanding of addictions prevention, evaluation, and treatment
Instructor: Reem Ahmad Jerrad, Teacher,​


This course introduces the participants to the basic concepts of reproductive health that include adolescent health, safe motherhood, family planning, sexually transmitted infections, infertility, menopause, reproductive cancers, and violence.

Instructor: Eman Abu Sabbah, Assistant professor,


This course enables participants to understand the general principles of effective communication with children during hospitalisation from developmental point of view.

Instructor: Omayah Nassar, Associate Professor,