The faculty of nursing was awarded by Al-hassan bin Talal Award for Scientific Excellence for its International Cooperation Programs in nursing
The faculty of nursing was awarded by Al hassan bin Talal award for scientific excellence for its doctor of philosophy program in nursing.
The faculty of nursing was awarded by Al Hussein fund for excellence for being the best in Jordan for providing high quality of higher education in nursing.
The Faculty of Nursing...excellent in teaching, research, and community services at the national and international levels...
Professor Muayyad Ahmad, the dean of the faculty of nursing/university of Jordan,,, Excellence in teaching, administration, and research.
Many of our Alumni have reached top rank position in the country such as minister of higher education and scientific research. Minister of social development. president and vice president to governmental and private universities. Many of our Graduates are working abroad such as USA, Australia, UK, and Gulf region.
The Faculty of Nursing has developed a special section of its website to communicate with graduates; to identify their career and academic achievements. It should be noted that there are graduates who held several key positions at the national and regional levels politically, socially and culturally.
Latefa Dardas, PhDc, MSc., RN. She was ‘number one’ among colleagues in her bachelor's and master's degrees, and is now completing her PhD at Duke University/USA. She was granted several awards for scientific excellence including:

-Ali Mango Award for distinguished graduate researcher (2014).

-The Jordanian nurses and midwives council shield for excellence in voluntary council work (2010).

-Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al-Hussein shield for scientific excellence (2009).

-The university of Jordan certificate for scientific excellence (2009).

-Dr. Jehad Alhalaby Award for scientific excellence (2009).

-The Jordanian nursing council award for scientific excellence (2009).

-The faculty of Nursing Honors list award, University of Jordan (2009).

-The University of Jordan Honors list award for scientific excellence (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).
Scientific excellence
Dr. Maysoon Abdalrahim is an assistant professor at the clinical nursing department, has many achievements in books authorship and translations, in addition to many published research articles in ISI international journals. Among the most recent achievements are: 1) co-author of “ First Aid” Arabic book. (2nd.ed.). Amman: The National Liberary. 1/2013. 2) co-author of “Fundamentals of nursing: Concepts, process, and practice ", (Arab World Ed.). UK: Pearson Education Limited.1/2012. 3) Arabic translation of Chapleau’s book “Emergency First Responder: Making the Differecne”. Elsevier ompany.6/2011. OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS INCLUDE: 1) co-author of “ English for Para-Medical professions", Suadi Arabia.8/2008-8/2009. 2) Editor and co-author of “ Teacher’s Guide for the Nursing Care Books" for 2nd. Secondary Nursing Students, Ministy of education, Amman-Jordan. 7/96: 7/97. 3)Editor and co-author of " Teacher's Guide for the Nursing Care Books "for 1st. secondary nursing students", Ministy of education, Amman-Jordan. 2/97. 4) Editor and co- author of "Nursing Care" book for 2nd. Secondary Nursing Students, Ministy of education, Amman-Jordan. 7/96. 5) Editor co- author of "Nursing care: Clinical Training " book for 2nd. Secondary nursing students, Ministy of education, Amman-Jordan.7/96. 6) Editor and co-author of " Nursing Care " book for 1st. Secondary Nursing Students, Ministy of education, Amman-Jordan.7/95 7) Editor and co-author of "Nursing Care, Clinical Training “Book for 1st. Secondary Nursing Student, Ministy of education, Amman-Jordan. 7/95
Dr. Ali Saleh is an assistant professor at the clinical nursing department. He has been awarded for several achievements and was a principal and co-investigator in many research projects. Among these achievements are: 1) Chancellor’s List Award, National Association for College Admission Counseling. USA. (2004-2005). 2) Graduate Chancellor Award, Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. USA. 2004. 3) Graduate Chancellor Award, Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. USA. (2005). 4) The National Dean’s List Award. USA. (2007). and 5) Participated in Linnaeus-Palme Teacher Exchange Program with University of Gothenburg, Sweden (2013).
To view the faculty of nursing acheivements, please click the link below:
To view the faculty of nursing acheivements, please click the link below:
T.A Aldraidi has received a global health minor certificate in nursing. For details, Please follow the link:
In September 2014, The nursing students at JU visited Dar Al-Amal (the Hope House), and organized entertaining and educational activities for the children and the staff. Of Dar Al-Amal. Dar-Al-Amal is one of the nonprofit community centers located in Amman and is the residence of many underprivileged orphans and special needs and children with moderate to sever degrees of disabilities. The students organized the event under the care of the Nursing Dean. Prof. Fathieh AbuMoghli and the directions of the committed faculty from Department of Community Health Nursing. The students presented several entertaining and educational activities for the children and the caring staff at Dar-Almal. The activities were designed to match the developmental levels of the children and to serve the needs of them and Dar Al-Amal workers. Among the topics that were included: dental care and personal hygiene, principles of first aids, and the emergency care of children with seizures. Finally, University and Community Services Committee at the College of Nursing generously donated winter cloths for the children and a first aid box for the use of Dar Al-Amal.

In 11/11/2014, a health care team from the University of Jordan actively participated in the events of Sabelaht Al-Hassan 2014 by providing free health care services to the residents of Al-Tiba rural area in Al-Karak south to Amman.

The health care services were provided by a group of skilled health care faculty and students from the College of Nursing-Community Health Care Department and other health colleges at the University of Jordan.

Examples of the health services that were provided include, but are not limited to,  free medical and nursing assessments for women
, children, eyes, teeth, bones, and general surgery cases. The health services also included group and one-one health education and screening for chronic diseases such as chronic hypertension and diabetes.
Finally, this event is part of the fruitful cooperation between the University of Jordan represented by the Faculty of Nursing and Al-Hassan Youth Award. 


It was with great honor that the College of Nursing / University of Jordan organized an event to honor the memory of our nation’s Armed Forces members who bravely sacrificed their lives for the safety and well-being of our country and its citizens.
2 134.jpg 
On the First of March, 2015, Brigadier Mohammed Al-Qudah and Prof. Fethieh Abu-Moghli, Dean of the College of Nursing, initiated the activities of the memorial event with heartfelt speeches about the service, sacrifice, and bravery of the Jordanian Armed Forces in protecting our homeland – Jordan - and the Jordanians.
2 130.jpg
Great number of nursing faculty and students attended the events where poems were presented and impressive videos were displayed to honor the died and retired members of our Jordanian Armed Forces and to demonstrating the love, loyalty, and sacrifice they had given to Jordan including  the sacrifice of martyr hero Capt Moa'th Kasasbeh.

 9 076.jpg
On the occasion of International Women's Day of 15/03/2015, the Unit of Media and Public Cultural Relations at the University of Jordan honored the elite of the pioneers of Jordanian women including Mrs. Haifa Al-Bashir, a graduate of Faculty of Nursing-JU class 1982-83, for her social achievements and her efforts on the personal level, continuous giving to serve the Jordanian women, and caring for the elderly and the mentally ill, making her a national pride to the Jordanians.  
9 056.jpg
The Dean of the College of Nursing Prof. Fethia Abu Mughli attended the ceremony of honor and participated in the event.
9 059.jpg
 Who is Mrs. Haifa Al Bashir?
 Ms. Haifa Al Bashir is a decent lady graduated from the collage of Nursing on 1983; when the collage was on the beginnings of its development and prosper.
 9 087.jpg

She struggled on the personal level during her career. She was forced by circumstances to raise her children as a single mother until they became a pride and she became an idol of success without limitations.
She occupied several leading positions in the Kingdom since the fifties, such as :
Head of White Beds Society for the care of elderly since 1971
 President of the Jordanian Society for the Psychological Rehabilitation since 1994,
Chair of the Coordinating Committee for the associations chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah since 2000,
  Member of the Coordinating Committee of NGOs in the National Committee for Women's Affairs since 1994
Honoring Mrs. Haifa Al-Bashir in the Women's Day is not the first where that Mrs. Haifa Al-Bashir got on many awards , trophies and royal medals , such as:
Independence Medal of the late King Hussein Society for the White Beds in 1975
Constitutional Adelaide Award from the  Italian Cultural Center in 1977
King Hussein Award for Scientific Excellence University of Jordan in 1983
 Queen Noor Prize for Children's Literature 1997
Dubai Festival Award of the Ideal Arabic Family 2006, by Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum
Hussein Award for Distinguished Giving 24 \ 5 \ 2007 from His Majesty King Abdullah II
eventually, it is worth mentioning that Mrs. Haifa Al-Bashir is also a woman of literature and an Author of a number of children's stories published since 1997

 Warmest congratulations from the College of Nursing at the University of Jordan to Dr. Muayyad Ahmed for receiving the "Award for Scientific Association of Colleges of Nursing Arabic Search distinctive".
Dr. Muayyad received the award on his research titled "Validation of the Cognitive Appraisal Health Scale with Jordanian patients "

The award is an additional demonstration of Dr. Muayyad's outstanding and innovative research in the field of nursing education, practice, and leadership in nursing.
 Finally, it is worth to note that members of the nursing colleges in seventeen Arab countries contested on this award.

The College of Nursing / University of Jordan proudly received a shield of honor presented by the Department of Military Education and Culture on the second of March, 2015. 
The shield of honor was presented to recognize the impressive effort done by the College of Nursing in organizing an event to honor the memory of the Jordanian Armed Forces members who bravely sacrificed their lives for the safety and well-being of our country and its citizens. Prof. Fetheih Abu-Moghli, Dean College of Nursing, kindly received the shield of honor by Brigadier Mohammed Al-Qudah, Director of Military Education and Culture. Prof. Abu-Moghli expressed that it is an order of high honor and pride of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein to save the fifteenth of February as a memorial day to acknowledge the bravery and sacrifice of our nation's armed forces each year. 
For more information about the event follow these links:

The College of Nursing at the University of Jordan organized academic books fair in collaboration with Jordan Honor Society Charter/STTI.
The book fair was organized on 8th of March / 2015 in order to support students and help them to collect affordable scientific and specialized books in Nursing Science. The book fair included approximately (40) Book specializes in nursing.
Book fair picture.JPG

 The dean of the college, Prof. Fethiye Abu Mughli said during the opening events "The book fair, organized by the college in collaboration with the branch honorary Jordanian / honor Sigma Theta Tau Global Nursing Association came to support college students to get affordable scientific books in nursing science, as well as to raise fund and support the work of the Jordan Honor Society Charter/STTI ".
book fair.JPG 
In turn, Dr. Amani Khalil, head of the Charter, expressed that the Jordan Honor Society Charter/STTI is a non-profit organization and is considered the first in the world to support nursing research, and provide services and programs that revive nursing profession in various educational, researches and clinical areas of nursing

Proceeding with the high awareness of the College of Nursing to keep up with modern scientific developments, a seminar was held on March  2015 at the College of Nursing on ways to prevent and control infection in health care; to learn about and discuss the latest scientific developments in this area for its great impact on the quality of health care and patients' safety.
 محاضرات منع العدوا ولطلبه المكثف 001.jpg
The seminar was opened under the auspices of the Dean of the College of Nursing Prof. Fethia Abu Mughli who welcomed the audience,
محاضرات منع العدوا ولطلبه المكثف 014.jpg
Followed by a speech of the organizer Dr. Najah Salameh, a nursing faculty at the Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department.
 محاضرات منع العدوا ولطلبه المكثف 009.jpg
Several lectures and scientific discussions were presented by the best specialists in the areas of the seminar, they were:
 D. Faris al-Bakri, a specialist in Infectious and Communicable Diseases, an Associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine and the Director of the Office of Infection Control at the University of Jordan Hospital
 Dr. Khaldoun Khader; Anesthetist and Intensive Care physician who delivered a pregnant lady on a plane and was forced to smartly use innovative methods to prevent infections.
Mr. Zakaria Abdul Rahim; who holds a master's degree in Nursing of Intensive Care and a certified registered nurse in infection control by the Adaptation Council of International Institutions.
  Mr. Ayman Al-Bisher; Manager of Public and Environmental Safety at the University of Jordan Hospital, with an experience exceeded twenty years as a registered nurse and who is also currently completing his PhD in management.
محاضرات منع العدوا ولطلبه المكثف 018.jpg

Over 50   interested attendees of students, nurses and teachers whom have participated in the seminar.
The seminar ended with recommendations. The supreme of those recommendations was the importance of spreading the culture of infection control among health care workers, and to develop structured certified programs in infection control.

Hadeel Adel Mohammad Al Qawasmi and Rawan Mohammad Abdelmotaleb Alakhras, two nursing students from the University of Jordan; have proudly won the third place at the Creativity Forum Award for the Jordanian Nursing Colleges (2015).
The Creativity Forum was held in Al Zaytoona University with theme of “Towards More Creative Nursing.”
انجازات طلابية في جامعة الزيتونه.jpg
The award winning project that was presented by the two students has ranked in the third place. It was a community service project that aims to increase the the local community awareness of the early detection of breast cancer. The project when it was implemented it contributed in the discovery of several cases of suspected breast cancer and they were referring to the specialists accordingly.
فوز طالبتين من تمريض الأردنية  في الملتقى الإبداعي الرابع لطلبة كليات التمريض الأردنية.jpg

It is worth mentioning that the winning project was prepared under the support of the Faculty of Nursing Dean Prof. Fathia Abu Mughli and the supervision of a number of faculties such as the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Eng. Huda Amr and Teacher Taghreed Shwashi.
فوز طالبتين من تمريض الأردنية  في الملتقى الإبداعي الرابع لطلبة كليات التمريض 2.jpg

Congratulations to the Faculty of Nursing and for  its students this achievement. 
 Nadin M. Abdel Razeq, Ph.D. RN


Dr. Manar Al-Nabulsi, Assistant Dean of the College of Nursing, participated in a panel discussion about contemporary issues of scientific nursing research in the Arab world. The panel discussion was held at the American University in Lebanon.
Participated also in the panel deans of nursing colleges from Arab countries and members from the Scientific Association of Arabic Nursing Colleges, which is branching from the Association of Arab Universities (Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain, and Palestine).
The aim of this successful meeting was to identify the research interests of the faculty members in Arab Universities Commission and to promote cooperation among Arab universities in the field of scientific research, the panelists has also agreed to create a database for researchers in nursing colleges in the Arab world located at the electronic page of the Scientific Association of Arabic Nursing Colleges. They also discussed the priorities of scientific research in the Arab world and encourage joint research with members and staff from the health sector.
Nadin M. Abdel Razeq, Ph.D.

After satisfying highly competitive criteria, Prof. Muayyad scholarly work in nursing research has been proudly recognized by receiving the University of Jordan’s award for distinguished achievement in health research
This recognition of Prof. Muayyad’s research merits is surely deserved and is an additional confirmation on his brilliant asset of scholarship to build nursing knowledge in Jordan and the World.
Prof. Muayyad considers this achievement “a wining for all of us in Nursing”, making his achievement an inspiration to other faculties from both Nursing and the health fields. 
Warmest congratulations to Prof. Muayyad on this prestigious award and best wishes for continued success in years to come.
For more about Prof. Muayyad’s  achievements visitLink to web page
​Nadin Abdel Razeq,phD

Prof. Fathieh Abu Moghli, Dean of the College of Nursing, honored Prof. Wasileh Petro-Nustas (Department of Community Nursing) and Dr. Terry Tucker (Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Jordan) on Sunday 20/12/2015.
565 045.jpg
Faculty members at the Community Health Nursing Department (CHND) represented by the head of the department Dr.  Waddah D'emeh also joined the Dean in honoring Prof. Wasileh Petro-Nustas.  
565 037.jpg
This honoring is an expression of appreciation for the efforts of both Prof.
Petro-Nustas and Dr. Tucker in the development of nursing science and for serving the University of Jordan and the Jordanian community.
565 026.jpg
Participated in the honoring event members of the Faculty of Nursing who provided heartfelt farewell and best wishes for Prof. Petro-Nustas, Dr. Tucker, and her husband David before they leave the University of Jordan and the homeland for good.
Nadin M. abdel Razeq 

With great pleasure, the Dean and members of the Faculty of Nursing forward their sincere and heartfelt congratulations to
Mis. Latifa Dardas
on receiving the
Scientific Association of Arab Nursing Faculties award for
 Best Master Theses in Nursing (2015)
 society award_2(1) - Copy.jpg
 The best Master Award is one of the  highly competitive and honorary nursing awards in Jordan. It is presented annually by the Scientific Association of Colleges of Arab Nursing, which was founded in 1998 and based in the Al-Zitouna Private University, the award aim is to recognize and reward research excellence at the Masters level.
This award is a further proof of the scholarly excellence of Mis. Dardas and is another achievement to add to her long list of scholarly achievements. Best wishes to Mis. Dardas of more and more success in the future.
Nadin M. Abdel Razeq 

Terry Tucker (PhD, RN, instructor of Nursing) is a 2015-Core U.S.Fulbright Scholar to Jordan. She selected the University of Jordan a host for her scholarship experience for the JU's outstanding international reputation. Terry Tucker and husband David Tucker have been in Jordan since September of 2015. Since she and David arrived to Jordan from sunny California-USA, she has been actively and passionately involved in tremendous work that serves the Nursing students, Nursing Faculty, and the Jordanian community. As the scholarship terms approaching completion in January 2016, Terry Tucker wanted to share these heartfelt and warm words with the Jordanians:
When Dr. Fathieh asked me to write a paragraph about my experience in Jordan I had a difficult time deciding what to share. My goal in Jordan was to use every moment to help others. When not teaching my wonderful students at the University of Jordan, or helping the outstanding professors by editing research manuscripts, I taught elsewhere or worked for free in medical clinics. I explored your beautiful country, from Irbid in the north to Aqaba in the south. My husband and I toured Ajlun, Zarqa, Karak, Dana, Shawback, Petra, and more. I gained weight from the delicious mansef, tabuli, zatar, falafel, humus, and other tasty delights (kenafe). But, more significantly, we met you, the most remarkable people. You took a country devoid of oil money yet created a country rich in education. You live in a country with little water yet you grew a garden of peace and a world of tolerance. You inherited a region of chaos and unkindness yet you remain generous and kind. My favorite Jordan experience is when my husband returned to my office from the campus grill, his eyes wide with wonder. "You will never believe what happened!" he exclaimed. "I dropped my bag and ten different people ran forward to help pick up the items!" We sat and marveled at you, you people of Jordan, who have experienced such hardship yet remain so gracious and kind. This was my experience in beautiful, generous Jordan, and I will cherish it forever. Thank you.
(Dr. Terry provides a free medical clinic for Bedouin women-South Jordan)
(Dr. Terry was asked to lecture at Jubilee High School-Amman)
(Dr. Terry and her doctoral nursing students-JU, Amman )
Nadin M. Abdel Razeq 

After the success and the positive feedback received from the Faculty of Nursing members on the first workshop provided by Dr. Olive Wahoush (more-first workshop), a second workshop was facilitated by Dr. Wahoush on:
"Methods of Nursing Clinical Training Evaluation"
The workshop was organized by the appreciated efforts of the International Relationship Committee. Over 25 interested nursing faculty and clinical instructors attended the workshop.
Worth to mention Dr. Wahoush is a visiting nursing scholar from Mac-Master University in Canada. She has a PhD in Health Policy Management & Evaluation, and  has an extensive experience in in nursing practice and leadership, education and research in several international settings (Mac-Master University-School of Nursing Website) 
Finally, organizing this workshop at the Faculty of Nursing was driven by the awareness of the importance of developing the skills of the nursing faculty members who are the foundation of the educational process and was motivated by the school's effort to maximize international partnerships and cultural exchange.
Nadin M. Abdel Razeq, PhD. RN.

The Faculty of Nursing members were delighted to host Dr. Olive Wahoush, a visiting scholar from Mac-Master University (Canada), who facilitated a workshop about:
 "Methods of Scholarly Papers Evaluation"
The workshop was organized by the appreciated efforts of the International Relationship Committee at the Faculty of Nursing. Over 30 interested members from the Faculty of Nursing Attended the workshop who provided positive feedback on such an effort.
Organizing this workshop was driven by the strong awareness by the Nursing Faculty of the importance of developing the skills of the Nursing Faculty members who are the foundation of the educational process.
Nadin M. Abdel Razeq,PhD. RN.
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