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The School of Nursing Board on Monday, March 29, held a meeting chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al-Hussein, to discuss the faculty’s overall status and accomplishments during 2015.

During the meeting, School of Nursing Dean Dr. Fathieh AbuMoghli highlighted the faculty’s achievements and future events, particularly a main event in October 2016 about palliative care.
AbuMoghli also revealed the Faculty’s plans to establish a health education and reproductive health clinic within the on-campus Students Clinic, managed by all of the Community Health Nursing, and Maternal and Child Health Departments of the Faculty.
Other important topics discussed include the latest ACEN evaluation team visit, and efforts undertaken to obtain the ISO certification.
In conclusion, Her Highness toured the new floor of the School alongside some faculty and staff members.
Moreover, Princess Muna received the Faculty’s honorary shield in recognition and appreciation of HRH’s continual support to the School and the nursing profession.
(Rights: Heba Al-Kaed - JU News. )

Dr. Mohammad Darawwad guest-lectures aout First Aid at the Polytechnic Education Class.




Dr. Suhaila Halasa the Assist. Dean for Quality Affairs conducted a workshop with collaboration of the Scientific Association of Arab Nursing Faculties entitled " Accreditation and Quality in Nursing Education" for the Faculty member at Arab American University/ Jenin Faculty of Nursing on the 14th of Feb., 2019 at the intercontinental hotel, Aqaba.



A person may face difficult situations in his life that force him to act quickly to save a human life. When he has the information and skill, he participates without hesitation to save that human life.

Accordingly, the Faculty of Nursing, represented by the University and Community Committee and the Office of the Assistant Dean for Development and Quality in the school of rehabilitation, held a first aid course in the school of rehabilitation for the Academic and  administrative staff at the School on Sunday, February 17/2/2019

The aim he aim of this course is to:
 Teach the participants how to provide First aid in cases of convulsions, cardiopulmonary arrest and aspiration both for pediatric and adult victims in order to maintain the life of the injured and reduce the complications that may result from various accidents.
The course was attended by about (25) participants trained under supervision of qualified faculty members from school of Nursing.

Based on cooperation between nursing school in the University of Jordan with GIZ TO apply psychosocial support training, Jumana shehadeh was assigned to attend a special course. She successfully completed 75 hours of classroom and field training about mental health and psychosocial intervention of displaced populations living in urban settings from 21-28 February 2019. This course done by the American university in Cairo/ center for migration and refugee studies.



An educational health activity in Al-Jawasra Secondary Comprehensive Mixed School in the Southern Shunah was initiated by the ( White Hands Campaign ) which was launched at the initiative of the School of Nursing represented by the Committee of the University and the Community and in view of the effective role of the University in interacting with the local community on 7/4/2019 Sunday from 8-3 Pm. educational health activity in Al-Jawasra Secondary Comprehensive Mixed School in the Southern Shunah was initiated by the ( White Hands Campaign ) which was launched at the initiative of the School of Nursing represented by the Committee of the University and the Community and in view of the effective role of the University in interacting with the local community on 7/4/2019 Sunday from 8-3 Pm.


The purpose of this activity is to:
Spreading health awareness among the various social groups, especially the youth group. The campaign also provides assistance to needy students in schools by providing the school with donations in kind. He also extended medical assistance through specialized medical clinics.
(12) members of the faculty and administrative staff of the Faculty of Nursing participated in the activity . with the cooperation of f the Greater Amman Municipality (King Abdullah City) as part of the "Yalla Cooperation for Good" initiative.

Activities include: 
1. Interactive play on hygiene and hygiene of teeth. Interactive play on hygiene and hygiene of teeth
2. First aid in the case of bites and stings, sun strikes, suffocations  
3. Physical care during the period of the menstrual cycle 
4. Dealing with anxiety, stress and depression 
5. Time management for the students of the guideline. 
6. Communicable diseases 
7. Physical and psychological changes during adolescence 
8. Prevention of osteoporosis through 
9. Medical Clinics

​An educational health activity in AL- Yarmouk elementary school for girls in AL- Ramtha Brigade was initiated by the ( White Hands Campaign ) which was launched at the initiative of the School of Nursing represented by the Committee of the University and the Community and in view of the effective role of the University in interacting with the local community on 5/5/2019 Sunday from 8-2 Pm.

The purpose of this activity is to:
Spreading health awareness among the various social groups. The campaign also provides assistance to needy students in schools by providing the school with donations in kind. 
(7) Members of the faculty and administrative staff of the Faculty of Nursing participated in the activity. 

Activities include:
1. Interactive role play about hygiene and hygiene of teeth 
2. First aid in the case of bites and stings, sun strikes, suffocations  
3. Seasonal flu  
4. Communicable diseases 

5. Breast exam training



The University and Community Committee held a training workshop on "Stress Management and time management for nursing college students for a third year in order to help students control anxiety and stress because of its negative impact on performance and educational attainment, and its positive impact in enhancing confidence in themselves. It was held on Sunday 15/12/2019 between 9-2 pm. 

Where the training workshop included a comprehensive explanation of the concept of stress and anxiety and the main causes for them of all kinds and also included methods of prevention and treatment through applied exercises that included self-recognition and proper time management in various ways. Participating students write their goals correctly for ease of achievement. About 10 students participated in the workshop.



The University and Community Committee carried out a health education activity on first aid provided to children in the case of febrile seizures, cardio pulmonary arrest. This activity was directed to the child care homes "nurseries" because of its importance in saving children's lives. Role play was done about teeth brush and hand hygiene by utilizing cartoon characters in order to promote healthy practices through play for these children. 

The activity was carried out in the "Little wonders" nursery located in the capital Amman / Abu Nsair on Sunday 8/12/2019 between 8-11Am. About 8 nannies were trained in first aid in the above-mentioned.​


 The University and Community Committee, in cooperation with the Sigma Theta Tau organization, held an awareness lecture on palliative care and patient rights in intensive care units. This takes place on Monday and Tuesday, 9-10/12/2019 between the hours of twelve and one and half in the evening.

The lecture touched on introducing students to the concept of palliative care, the pathological conditions that require palliative care, the role of the health team in palliative care, laws and ethics related to palliative care, the role of the patient and the family in palliative care and finally palliative care in Jordan. The lectures were attended by a group of students from the School of Nursing and students from other colleges, including approximately (66) student.

تلطيفية 1.png


The University and Community Committee carried out a health education activity on the Corona virus 
that appeared recently in China, where lecture was given by Dr. Zakaria Abdul Rahim from 
the infection control office at the University of Jordan Hospital. 
The activity was held on 9/2/2020 Ibn Sina amphitheater in the School of Nursing at12.30pm to 2:00 pm.
Mr. Zakaria talked about the nature of the virus and its origin, ways of transmission from one person 
to another and the incubation period of the virus, as well as symptoms of the infection ,its complications
 and the possibility of treatment . Where it was clarified that treatment is only for symptoms and there 
is currently no treatment or anti-virus for it. 
Also he clarified that the World Health Organization is in the process of finding a vaccine and 
treatment currently Research is still underway on this topic. He also explained 
the recommended methods of prevention globally to prevent transmission 
and spread of the virus and infection, including the role of the health team,
especially nursing, by spreading awarenessof this disease. 
He clarified the preparations and measures made by the Jordanian Ministry of Health 
as well as the University of Jordan Hospital 
to deal with suspected cases,and also affirmed that Jordan has
not registered any cases of HIV infection so far.​


Children health nursing section coordinator Dr. omyyah  Nassar conducted an interactive lecture for  clinical nursing master students at al-Zytona University on 17/12/2019. This lecture aimed to orient students about the scientific and international standards that used in the classification of emergency cases (triage) for children in the emergency department as well as the most important emergency health conditions in children, which include cases of respiratory diseases such as asthma, suffocation and dehydration. Also, Cases related to the circulatory system, heart, various gastrointestinal diseases and other conditions. The lecture also aimed to introduce students to nursing care interventions that are provided for emergency emergencies for adults with a focus on effective of communication skills with the childrenand their families.

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The Maternity Health Nursing Section organized a workshop entitled "A New View of Labor: How Our Mindset & Support in Labor Changes the Outcomes” to demonstrate the importance of providing physical and emotional support to a pregnant woman and her family during labor. The lecturer, Mrs.Katharine Bachelor, a professionally trained doula, presented some techniques to assist pregnant woman to adapt with contractions during labor, such as: effective breathing, staying active during labor, frequent changes in posture and trying different positions, use of visualization, providing massage and the presence of supportive individual for woman. By using mentioned technologies which considered as non-pharmacologic interventions, laboring women can overcome labor pain and progress more quickly and easily during labor while avoiding the risks that pregnant woman and newborn may be exposed to during labor.


Enlight of cooperation between School  ofNursing and The University Hospital, children and adolescents health nursing section coordinator ,Dr. omyyahNassar,  held an interactive workshop for nursing staff at the University Hospital entitled "Review children age group characteristics and communication among hospitalized children”.This workshop reviewed the developmental characteristics of children in all age groups including infants, toddlers, preschool , school –age,  and adolescence stages with a focus on their  psychological, emotional and social development. Also, the workshop clarified the impact of illness and hospitalization on childrenby explaining about the sources of stress and anxiety among hospitalized children compared to adults. These sources include separation anxiety from home, family, school, and friends, in addition to anxiety and fear from bodily injury and pain accompanying medical examinations, therapies, intravenous injections, and other medical and surgical tools, which contributes to loss of control over their daily activities. Furthermore, hospitalization force children to enter a strange place and to meet the health care providers and other personnel who are strangers. Also, the workshop highlighted the stresses that the family has due to hospitalization of the child.  Therefore, the workshop outlined the significant role of nurses toward hospitalized children in decreasing their stress and anxiety through implementing holistic nursing care based on effective communication skills that may help children to adapt positively with hospital which -in turn improve- their health and recovery.

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Enlight of cooperation between School of Nursing and Jordan  University Hospital, Dr.Suhila Halasa held an interactive workshop entitled “Developmental Supportive care for neonatal”  for nurses in neonatal intensive care units, pediatric floors , and postnatal floors.  This workshop aimed to highlight on the importance of developmental supportive care for neonatal infant and its implications on the neonates’ health. More specifically, the workshop emphases on the benefits of infant message and how to demonstrate it effectively.

ورشة د.سهيلة.png
ورشة د سهيلة.png


Under the patronages of Prof. Faryal Hiajana, Dean of the School of Nursing and the presence of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hasamy Deputy Dean, the Department of Maternal and Child Health Nursing at the school held a workshop on Sunday, 31 January 2021, which aimed to review the courses description that are taught in the department in Arabic and English languages which will be taught in the upcoming academic year 2021-2022. The Dean of the school expressed her thanks and appreciation to the faculty members in the department for holding this workshop, which reflects their entrepreneurial spirit and efforts toward  continuous improvement in the the learning process to raise the level of the school and to maintain its excellence.Dr. Omayah Nassar, head of the department, reported that the organizing of this workshop was in accordance of the vision of the faculty members in the department to coordinate efforts of reviewing course descriptions that included within the school study plan for the continuous improvement and development of the bachelor's level curriculum in line with the requirements of national and international accreditation.  Dr. Nassar explained that the workshop was running throughout working groups that aimed at reviewing and discussing the courses description in Arabic and English languages. After the completion of work, the revised courses description were presented and approved by the department board. The final feedback from the department board will be submitted to the chair of the curriculum committee at school.

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PIC 2.jpg


The School of Nursing at the University of Jordan organized a training seminar entitled “Citations: How to Increase your Research", presented by the University's Vice President for Global Classifications and International Accreditation, Prof. Faleh Al-Sawa'er, in the presence of the Dean of the College, Prof. Areej Othman.

 At the beginning of the session, with the presence of faculty members and researchers audience from variety of colleges at the University, Al-Sawair gave an overview of the scholarly production at the university, noting the improvement in the university's research performance and impact in recent years. The number of scientific research published by the university in 2022 increased to about 2,800, 40% of which were published in first-class scientific journals, and 78% of the scientific production came from scientific colleges.

Al-Sawair pointed to many factors that improve citation rates for researchers, such as local or international research cooperation, whether with researchers from the academic community or from other sectors such as industry and companies, in addition to improving the quality of research conducted, paying attention to the impact of the research topic and its societal importance, and focusing on influential research topics. Choosing the appropriate classified journal for the field of scientific research.

Al-Sawair warned the participants against hijacked and fake journals, stressing the need to refer to the list of journals approved by the university through the Deanship of Scientific Research, and pointing out how to choose the appropriate journal in consideration of a number of matters such as the scope and focus of the research to be published, and the research published in it in the same field to evaluate the quality of the journal. Suitability, use of journal directories and databases, assessment of the journal's target audience, evaluation of the journal's reputation and impact factor, the duration of the review and publication process and its fees, journal policies and other factors.​



In line with the university's strategy regarding hosting experts from the local community to benefit from their expertise within the various teaching courses in the School of Nursing, Children health nursing course by the coordination of Dr. Omayah Nassar Hosted the health educator Nurse Buthaina Al-Sheikh from the University of Jordan Hospital on Monday and Tuesday, 2-3/1/2024 to talk about type 1 diabetes in children.The lecture focused on the role of the nurse in the stage of diagnosing the disease, guiding parents and children to the need to commit in taking insulin as a basic treatment, how to prepare insulin doses, and the proper storage of it. Miss Bothia emphasis on the role of the nurse in teaching  children and parents about the signs of hypoglycemia, how to treat it and how to avoid its occurrence. By the end of the lecture, Dr Omayah expressed her thanks for Miss Bothina about her continuous cooperation with the school.
The lecture also focused on the need to teach children with the quality and quantity of food they eat to ensure balance and encourage them as well to practice appropriate exercise, and nurse Buthaina explained the schedule for the times of blood sugar tests. 



On Monday, 20/11/2023, a simulation session was held via  the Zoom application for students of the School of Nursing atSultan Qaboos University / Oman and the students of School of Nursing the / Child and Adolescent Health Nursing, theory and clinical section.

The topic of simulation was nursing care for children with diagnosed Bronchopneumia. The session focused on communication skills between the nurse, child and family and on the most important strategies for appropriate nursing care for children with this disease. This session was coordinated by Dr. Zainab Al-Azri and Ms. Lina Shaqman from Sultan Qaboos University, andDr. Omayah Nassar and Miss Inshirah Al-Qadri from our School. Students from both Schools gave their feedback about this session and expressed the extent of benefits from it.



​For the complement to the cooperation between the University of Jordan and Sultan Qaboos Universit, Dr. Zainab Al-Azri and Ms. Lina Shaqman from the School of Nursing-Sultan Qaboos University gave an on line lecture through Zoom application entitled “Metabolic Disorders among children"  to the students of the Child and Adolescent Health Nursing course in the our school  . The  lecture focused on the most common metabolic disorder among childrenin the Sultanate of Oman, how to diagnose them, the correct nursing care that must be provided to children upon their admission to the hospital, and  the most important health education aspects that the nurse must give to the family to carry out health care for children when they are discharged from the hospital. By the end of the lecture. Dr. Omayah Nassar expressed her thanks to the Dr. Zainab and Miss Lina about their fruitful efforts in the cooperation between Our School and the School of Nursing at Sultan Qaboos University.