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It is with great pleasure and honor to announce that the nursing program at the School of Nursing has been officially nominated for the ACEN international accreditation.  
Achieving this nomination is the first millstone in a rigor process of development and evaluation of the nursing program in order to ascertain the highest calibers and quality standards of the nursing education at JU.   
Congratulations for the faculty members, administrators, and students at the University of Jordan and the School of Nursing this achievement.
Nadin M. Abdel Razeq, Ph.D.

The University of Jordan School of Nursing has, and for the first time, made a global ranking in the list of the best universities in the field of nursing, according to Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2018. The school of nursing appeared in the best 151-200 subject category.

Shanghai classification is considered one of the most important and most influential classifications in the world.


According to a press release by the Center for Accreditation and Quality Assurance at the University of Jordan, this classification is based on five criteria: the number of research papers published in influential journals in the specialization, the rate of citation of published research compared to the citation of international papers in the specialization, collaboration with researchers from international universities in the same discipline, and the number of international awards received by academics in the field of specialization.


It should be noted that the School of Nursing at the University of Jordan has also obtained the American accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) after meeting best international standards in the quality of education.



In coordination with the Fulbright Office in Amman, Jordan, and as part of the Fulbright Specialist Program (FSP) by National Fulbright Commission in Amman, Jordan, The School of Nursing has invited Professor Roberta Durham from the University of California, East Bay, for a consultancy visit to the Maternal and Child Health Department. The objective of this visit is to work with the Department Faculty in revising the Maternal Newborn Health Master’s program curriculum which is expected to be launched in the Academic Year 2019-2020. The visit will include a revision of the program’s ILOs, theoretical, and clinical training courses in hospital settings and nursing labs that contain models for pregnancy delivery and newborn.

 Professor Durham will be giving two lectures to the School Faculty on designing and developing curricula plans, supervision of graduate students and clinical training by simulation. This visit will last six weeks, from December 12, 2018 to January 17, 2019.


Roberta Durham RN, PhD Professor, California State University, East Bay has completed a Fulbright Specialist Consultancy visit to the University of Jordan, School of Nursing. During this visit Professor Durham has met with the School faculty, worked with the Maternity and Child health Department faculty, and visited and met with nurse managers, staff and director of Nursing at University of Jordan Hospital and Salt government hospital. She also met with Jordan Nursing Council to discuss the future of graduate nursing education and regulation.


Dr. Durham presented a two-hour lecture on Curriculum development for graduate nursing in maternal newborn specialty, and a workshop on Clinical Simulation in Professional Health Care Graduate Programs:  An Overview. This workshop was attended by medical and nursing faculty interested in using simulation in teaching clinical maternity care.
During this visit, a plan was made for a Needs Assessment for Maternal Newborn Nursing Specialist Graduate Nursing Program. Roberta Durham RN, PhD, Reema Safadi RN, PhD and Lubna Abushaikha, RN, CNS, PhD for Sigma Theta Tau, NuXi Chapter, and Bay Area California. This aim of this project is to conduct a needs assessment to explore from a variety of stakeholder (multiple disciplines) strategies to improve maternity service to utilize in the development of a graduate nursing program in maternal newborn nursing
This visit was finalized by a meeting with the Maternity and Child Health faculty to discuss issues of importance in implementing the new master’s program in Maternal and newborn Nursing.

Warmest congratulations from the Colleges of Nursing at the University of Jordan to Dr. Muayyad Ahmed for receiving the Ali Mango's award for outstanding research achievements.

The award is an additional demonstration of Dr. Muayyad's outstanding and innovative research in the field of nursing education, practice, and leadership in nursing.


A research team from University of Jordan, Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has won funding to study ways to reduce gender-based violence in Jordan, the World Bank Group and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative announced today.
The 2019 Development Marketplace: Innovations to Address Gender-Based Violence award will  enable the researchers to understand how social interactions among youth influence attitudes related to gender and to sexual- and gender-based violence. The research will take place among 1,000 youths aged 18-24 living in East Amman. The researchers will use these insights to promote evidence-based recommendations for further research and interventions.
Gender-based violence is harmful to women and constrains the economy,” said Saroj Kumar Jha, Regional Director for the Mashreq, World Bank Group. “It’s often caused by attitudes that support gaps between men and women. I am very pleased to congratulate the researchers on this award, which will explore how social interactions among youth can shape these attitudes and help the country further down the path towards eliminating gender-based violence The World Bank also commends the Government of Jordan’s commitment to increase  female labor force participation, in alignment with the Jordan Vision 2025, and to change attitudes towards women’s work and economic participation.
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. Studies show that in addition to causing direct harm to women and men, gender-based violence can cost economies up to 3.7 percent of GDP due to lost productivity.
Although we know the costs and inter-generational effects of gender-based violence are significant, the evidence on how to prevent it remains relatively limited,” said Caren Grown, Senior Director, Gender, World Bank Group. “This award helps researchers to build the knowledge needed for effective approaches to reduce violence. We know the World Bank Group has an important role to play in sparking innovation through funding research, as well as in implementing important lessons it provides.” 
The Development Marketplace is an annual, global competition for researchers to find innovative solutions that can help individuals, communities, and nations prevent and respond to gender-based violence. 
Along with rigorous research to give policy-makers needed information on what works to prevent and respond to violence, we also need to ensure there are implementable, scalable and cost-effective solutions,” said Claudia Garcia-Moreno, SVRI Founder and Coordinating Group member.
Over three years, $4.5 million has been awarded by the Bank Group and SVRI to more than 40 research projects in 28 low- and middle-income economies. The Development Marketplace: Innovations to Address Gender-Based Violence is held in memory of Hannah Graham, daughter of a longtime World Bank Group employee. 
This year, Development Marketplace awards will support researchers in Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, and Peru. For the first time a private sector award is being given, with support from the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The University of Jordan in collaboration with Colombia University and Colombia Global Centers-Amman conducted a symposium to disseminate results of the project titled  "Reproductive health needs among Syrian refugee women in Jordan" on 13th October, 2019. The results of this project were also disseminated on the 14th of October, 2019 at Al-Mafraq Governmental Comprehensive Center to practicing nurses and midwives, and faculty members in the north of Jordan. 


El-hneiti won the prize of excellent faculty research IN 2019 according to the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties, with entitled research: "Predictors of Nurses’ stress working with older people admitted to acute care setting​"



Teacher Arwa Zumot form school of nursing Participated in the workshop given to supervisors and nursing staff at the Jordan University Hospital by giving three lectures 17,24/11/2019 about –Main concepts in Leadership&   Management - Time Management and –Motivation.  Discussion and presenting cases for clarification. The numbers of supervisors were 35. 



 The Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) held an awareness session at the University Of Jordan School Of Nursing on the 28th of November. CVT representatives provided information session about CVT’s trauma rehabilitation services. The session aimed to build up each student’s overall understanding of the physical and psychosocial effects of Torture and War Trauma on individuals and their families. It also helped students identify relevant symptoms and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on war victims and torture survivors.


In the presence of the Dean of the School of Nursing (Dr. Manar Al-Nabulsi) and the members of the Administrative staff the Assistant Dean for the students in the School in cooperation with The Union of the Students held a meeting for the new students for the year 2019/2020,  on Sunday 1/12/2019 from (10-11:30).
The dean provided information about the School and its various departments and faculty members. Moreover, she pointed out that the School accredited by the international accreditation institution, the ACEN, and she talked about the school achievement.
In addition,  she explained to the students the importance of adhering to the study plan, rules and regulations of the university, and encouraged them to participate in the extracurricular activities held by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university and to attend activities that encourage innovation and creativity And participate in scientific research with members of the faculty, and the Dean stressed the need to follow the School website and billboards within the School, and in the end the Dean wished success to all students .



Sigma’s biennial convention attracts more than 2,000 Sigma members and global leaders in nursing to celebrate nursing’s rich heritage and build upon our successes, embracing the 2017-2019 Presidential Call to Action to Connect, Collaborate, and Catalyze. As Sigma’s largest event, the convention features outstanding plenary speakers, networking opportunities, and over 800 oral and poster presentations.IMG_0566 (1).JPG
RA730022 (1).jpg


A ceremony was held recently by the University of Jordan (UJ) marking the University's 1st Academic Research Day. The ceremony recognized and honored 120 distinguished researchers from all schools of centers at UJ University, whose work has been an important contribution to the advancement of scientific research, and high quality knowledge production.
Based on this, the list of researchers from the School of Nursing, who were honored by the University of Jordan, comprised of the following:
•Prof. Muayyad Mustafa Ahmad)
• Prof. Ayman M. Hamdan Mansour
• Prof. Muhammad Darawad
• Prof. Amani Anwer Khalil
• Dr.Latefa Ali Dardas
The honoring is a gesture of appreciation for the efforts of the scholars which have contributed to improving the university's position in global rankings. 
The ceremony was organized by the Deanship of Academic Research in cooperation with the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center. The honored scholars are the most cited researchers according to Scopes ​​database for the period 2104 – 2019





The faculty and administrative staff of the school of nursing extend their warmest congratulations to Professor Inaam Abdulla Khalaf on the occasion of his appointment as Vice President at the University of Jordan. It is noteworthy that Dr. Khalaf had been appointed as a member of the Higher Education Council and worked as Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Jordan and Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies at Al-Ahliyya Amman University. She was also appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees of several Jordanian universities, such as Zarqa University, Yarmouk University and Al-Zaytoonah University.


We congratulate our self and the distinguished faculty members in the School of Nursing by occupying the first rank at the university level within the Stanford University World Classification, which was published in October for the year 2021, due to the excellence of their research and their classification among the top 2% of researchers in the world. It is noteworthy that the list included only 22 researchers at the level of the schools of the University of Jordan which were distinguished by five members of the School of Nursing, in the following order:.

1.      Prof. Moayad Ahmed

2.      Dr. Latifa Dardas

3.      Dr. Ikhlas Al Jamal

4.      Prof. Mahmoud Al-Hussami

 5.     Prof. Ayman Mansour​


Under the patronages of the Dean of the School of Nursing;  Prof. Faryal Hiajana,  the Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department  held a panel discussion titled "Health Care for Children within the Centenary of Achievement" as part of the Centenary Conference held by The University of Jordan. The Head of Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department, Dr. Omayah Nassar, introduced  the panel  which discussed  the legislative reality for the protection of children in Jordan that was highlighted by  H.E. Dr. Sawsan Al Majali, a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Council for Family Affairs, where H.E. Al Majali emphasized that the provisions of the Jordanian Constitution came to protect the rights of all citizens, especially children, and talked about legislation, strategies and plans adopted by the government, the public health law and the draft of children's rights in Jordanian legislation. Moreover, Her Excellency Al Majali introduced the Domestic Violence Protection and Prevention of Human Trafficking Act, the Juvenile Act and the Disability Rights Act 2017. Then, Dr. Suhaila Halasa proceeded to highlight the history of the School of Nursing along with its  establishment and  main achievements, in particular the faculty of the Maternal and Child Health Department emphasizing on the Children Section Faculty members in relation to academic, research and community service. It was later followed by, Dr. Nassar, discussion of  the theoretical framework that the child health nursing section adopted in providing holistic nursing care for children and their families. Finally, Dr. Nadine Abdul Razek presented an analytical presentation on the reality of scientific research in the field of children's health nursing since 1987 until now.​


Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a group of distinguished researchers at the University of Jordan were honored, who were on the Stanford and Clarivate list of the most influential researchers in the world within their various scientific fields.

The researchers are:

1.     Prof. Moayad Ahmed

2.     Dr. Latifa Dardas

3.     Dr. Ikhlas Al Jamal

4.     Prof. Mahmoud Al-Hussami

    5. Prof. Ayman Mansour​

The University and community Committee in the School of Nursing held a health education and training activity in the first aid inside the nursery of the University of Jordan named (My baby is in  safe hands )

This activity was held On Sunday (December 26, 2021) between 9-12 am.

The aims of this activity are:

1. Increase awareness about Respiratory problems that require direct intervention

2. Train, teach and provide the audience with basic skills to apply first aid for children and adults in different common cases such as (suffocation - fractures and joints dislocation – wounds, bruises –nose bleeding and burns).

3. Teach nannies how to deal with a stubborn child


school of nursing congrates a group of distinguished researchers who ranked high at the AD scientific index. 

The researchers are:

1.  Prof. Moayad Ahmed

2. Prof. Ayman Mansour

3. Prof Muhammad Dar Awad

4. Prof. Mahmoud Al-Hussami​

5.  Dr. Latifa Dardas


The school of nursing represented by the university committee and the community in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs was honored to hold a training session on how to give injections to students of health colleges

The course was held on Sunday 13/3/2022 over two training hours

Training Models were used to train a group of students of health colleges

The session included the identification of anatomical sites for injection

How to use injection tools?

Methods of maintaining sterilization

How to calculate the medications dosage?

How to give different types of injections?

About 35 students from the Faculty of (Medicine /Pharmacy and Dentistry) were trained under the supervision of a distinguished group of members of the faculty and administrative staff in the School of Nursing and a distinguished group of students from the Faculty of nursing.


The School of Nursing represented by the university &community committee in cooperation with the Directorate of special education in the Ministry of Education southern Shauna /Al-joufa region was honored to hold an educational health activity at the school of Jordan stars Academy on Sunday 20/3/2022 between nine o'clock in the morning and until twelve o'clock

Where training was carried out on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Suffocation for eighth grade students

Teachers and a group of seventh grade students were also trained to perform first aid in cases of (Bleeding –burns –fractures and bites)

An educational role-play was held for children from the first grade to the second grade on personal hygiene and teeth cleaning

A practical lecture was held on food and daily healthy dish for fourth grade students

An educational lecture on hepatitis A was held

 An awareness lecture was also held on the physical and psychological changes associated with adolescence for the seventh and sixth grades

Teachers were trained to perform breast self-examination

An interactive lecture on the Prevention of osteoporosis was given to the teachers

Growth measurements such as (height and weight) were measured from (height and weight) for both second and third grade students

 visual examination was conducted for both second and third grade students

A distinguished group of faculty and administrative members of the Faculty of Nursing and a distinguished group of students of the Faculty of nursing participated in the activity

 The activity was attended by approximately 100 students from the school as well as the school's teaching staff.


The University of Jordan was ranked among the top 500 universities in the world among 15 majors, ahead of last year with 3 new majors, through which "Jordanian" entered the elite of the 500 universities.
Three specializations, in particular, were distinguished, placing the university in the rank of the 250 best universities in the world; These are nursing, in which "Jordanian" ranked 101-150 globally, pharmacy, where the university ranked 151-200 globally, and computer science and information systems, ranking 201-250 globally.

The Dean of the school of nursing and members of the academic and administrative staff cognates Prof. Ayman "Hamdan Mansour" on the occasion of receiving the distinguished researcher award in health sciences for the year 2022, wishing him further progress and success


The College of Nursing congratulates the colleagues who have been included in the list of the best 2% of researchers worldwide for the year 2022 issued by Stanford University in the United States.

1- Dr. Latefa Dardas

2- Prof. Moayad Ahmed

3- Dr. Ekhlas Al Jamal

4- Prof. Ayman “Hamdan Mansour” 

Where the classification depends on the number of research published in the Scopus database from the first year of publication to the current year, the number of total and qualitative citations in the specialization, the number of citations from references, reference research and books, and a set of scientific criteria based on the quality of research. Congratulations on this high academic achievement.

Prof. Areej Othman

Dean of the College of Nursing​


The school of nursing at the university of Jordan hosted on Thursday November 3rd, 2022 “Ms. Rita Mardini”, the Training Manager for Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, Ovid – Lippincott.

Ms. Mardini conducted a specialized workshop for the nursing faculty on how to use Lippincott Nursing Solutions during the teaching learning process.

Of note, Lippincott Advisor is the single source for immediate, evidence-based, online nursing clinical-decision support. It delivers instant, 24/7 access to the latest evidence-based information that clinicians need at the point of care with over 17,000 monographs and patient teaching handouts.​


The College of Nursing congratulates (student Abdul Karim Mahmoud Abu Duaij), the Jordanian Federation player in (wrestling sport)​ On the occasion of winning the silver medal in the Arab Championship for Men, which was held in Egypt/ Alexandria, on 9.10/11/2022 Congratulations on this achievement, we wish him more creativity and excellence


As part of its activities, Faculty and staff development committee at School of Nursing organized a workshop about The Importance of Mental Health in The Workplace Environment in 27/11/2022. The workshop facilitated by Dr. Ekhlas AlJamal, an associated professor from Mental Health Nursing Section. The workshop discussed the role of mental health in increasing productivity in all fields, increasing employee retention, preventing job leakage, increasing flexibility and communication between employees; participants included School’s faculty and administrative staff. The focus was on the impact of the work environment on mental health from a positive impact by supporting employees in a motivating and encouraging manner and taking into account the job description according to the employee's capabilities, abilities and aspirations. On the other hand, the impact may be negative if the employee is subjected to discrimination, bullying, lack of motivation and appreciation. On the other hand, the characteristics of a healthy work environment were discussed, including: transparency, providing opportunities, raising morale, providing a comfortable workplace, training and development, and work-life balance. To deal with work stress, several strategies have been proposed such as eating healthy, exercising, and teaching positive ways to vent anger such as relaxation techniques, deep breathing, positive thinking and time management. The importance and role of supervisors in promoting the mental health of their employees was emphasized.


As part of the activities of Management & Leadership clinical course and the cooperation and partnership between the School of Nursing and Jordan University Hospital. Mr. Sakher Al-Hiyari, Director of the Nursing Department at the hospital, met with fourth-year students within the course of Management and Leadership in Nursing on Wednesday and Thursday on 11/30/2022 and 1/12/2022, and they were given two lectures in the training and continuing education department in the hospital entitled "the organizational structure used in the hospital, the different policies used for training nurses, and the replacement and rotation program between nurses."​


Under the patronage of the Dean of nursing school, Dr.Areej Otman, and with direct guidance of the head of clinical nursing department, Dr.Zyad Saleh. In order to promote the partnership between the governmental and private sectors and in alliance with the royal vision of supporting the technical and vocational training. The goal was primarily to enhance the nursing students of clinical adult one course's skills. The event was in collaboration with Qu'war pharmaceutical and medical supply company with active mentoring of Mr Hussam and Mrs Rasha Qu'war.

The workshop that was executed relied on simulation training in the nursing labs for the skills of: colostomy care and dressing modern modalities. The workshop was held on Wednesday and Thursday, 14 and 15, December,2022, from 9 am till 12:30 pm. The presenters complemented the distinguished performance of our nursing students who reflected a nice professional image of our school.

The coordinator of the event is Teacher, Reem Ahmad Jarrad. The participating clinical teachers are: Seirsa AL Qura'n, Ayman Ata, Bushra ALzurqan, Maram Haymour, Abd AL Rahim Husni, Maymoun Lutfi, and Manal ALRamli. All thanks are sent to Nursing school lab staff who offered their maximum facilitation and support. Greetings are sent as well to our nursing students who were consistent with the history of our glorious Mother University: The University of Jordan.


As part of the activities of Management and Leadership section, The School of Nursing hosted his excellency Professor Hani Nawafleh "The secretary General of the Jordanian Nursing Council", who addressed the fourth year nursing students about the Nursing Council functions, goals, accomplishments, regulations & legislations. Dr. Nawafleh discussed the professional licensure exam, its specifications and guidelines that was issued in 2019. Also elaborating about the Continuing professional Development and the requirements to renew the licensure. 

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