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  • 01 - Jul
  • 2024

Graduates of the School of Nursing program perform the legal oath of the Nursing profession

The school of Nursing at the University of Jordan celebrated the performance of its graduates in the second semester of the academic year 2023/2024 in the legal oath of the nursing profession.The dean of the school, Prof. Areej Othman, expressed her pride in preparing a group of qualified and trained students to enter the job market, which confirms the college's commitment to graduating cohorts capable of competing locally, regionally, and internationally with the power of knowledge and specialization.She explained that the significance of the performance of this aspect lies in not limiting the preparation of nurses to knowledge and skills alone, but also in crowning these knowledge and skills with ethical principles that govern their behavior. The work of a nurse is a covenant between the servant and their Lord before it becomes a covenant between them and their patients or employers. She emphasized the importance of documenting this covenant through the performance of this aspect.Othman pointed out that the legal oath of the nursing profession, which the students, numbering 100, performed today, moves them from the realm of law to the realm of ethics and conscience. At that point, the nurse feels the greatness of the Creator and senses His supervision in every step they take or every action they perform while carrying out their duties.She also highlighted that the school includes highly competent and experienced teaching staff, wishing them success in advancing their careers and utilizing their expertise in serving the country and safeguarding the health of its people.