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  • 16 - May
  • 2023

The School of Nursing at "UJ" hosts the Secretary General of the Jordanian Nursing Council

University of Jordan News - Today, the School of Nursing at the University of Jordan hosted the Secretary-General of the Jordanian Nursing Council, Dr. Hani Al-Nawafleh, and the Director of the Training and Continuing Education Unit in the Council, Bilal Badr Al-Naja.

During their meeting with the students of the intensive nursing training course, Al-Nawafleh and Al-Naja talked about the exam for practicing the nursing profession, the conditions for continuous learning activities, and the renewal of the license to practice the profession.

At the end of the meeting, an extensive discussion took place by the students of the School of Nursing with the speakers about what is related to the profession practice exam and its developments.