Workshop entitled Promotion of Mental Health in Workplace

As part of its activities, Faculty and staff development committee at School of Nursing organized a workshop about The Importance of Mental Health in The Workplace Environment in 27/11/2022. The workshop facilitated by Dr. Ekhlas AlJamal, an associated professor from Mental Health Nursing Section. The workshop discussed the role of mental health in increasing productivity in all fields, increasing employee retention, preventing job leakage, increasing flexibility and communication between employees; participants included School’s faculty and administrative staff. The focus was on the impact of the work environment on mental health from a positive impact by supporting employees in a motivating and encouraging manner and taking into account the job description according to the employee's capabilities, abilities and aspirations. On the other hand, the impact may be negative if the employee is subjected to discrimination, bullying, lack of motivation and appreciation. On the other hand, the characteristics of a healthy work environment were discussed, including: transparency, providing opportunities, raising morale, providing a comfortable workplace, training and development, and work-life balance. To deal with work stress, several strategies have been proposed such as eating healthy, exercising, and teaching positive ways to vent anger such as relaxation techniques, deep breathing, positive thinking and time management. The importance and role of supervisors in promoting the mental health of their employees was emphasized.