The university &community committee held health activity at the school of Jordan stars Academy

The School of Nursing represented by the university &community committee in cooperation with the Directorate of special education in the Ministry of Education southern Shauna /Al-joufa region was honored to hold an educational health activity at the school of Jordan stars Academy on Sunday 20/3/2022 between nine o'clock in the morning and until twelve o'clock

Where training was carried out on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Suffocation for eighth grade students

Teachers and a group of seventh grade students were also trained to perform first aid in cases of (Bleeding –burns –fractures and bites)

An educational role-play was held for children from the first grade to the second grade on personal hygiene and teeth cleaning

A practical lecture was held on food and daily healthy dish for fourth grade students

An educational lecture on hepatitis A was held

 An awareness lecture was also held on the physical and psychological changes associated with adolescence for the seventh and sixth grades

Teachers were trained to perform breast self-examination

An interactive lecture on the Prevention of osteoporosis was given to the teachers

Growth measurements such as (height and weight) were measured from (height and weight) for both second and third grade students

 visual examination was conducted for both second and third grade students

A distinguished group of faculty and administrative members of the Faculty of Nursing and a distinguished group of students of the Faculty of nursing participated in the activity

 The activity was attended by approximately 100 students from the school as well as the school's teaching staff.

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