Social Services

A summary of the University & Community Committee (UCC) activities of the academic year 2016-2017 activities
In this committee we were honored in implementing  nearly 20 activities during the years 2015 to 2016.
In the academic year 2016/2017, we carried out two activities during the first semester.
 We also plan to carry out  at least 3 more activities during the second semester.
Event 1: Safe School Environment
The committee of the whole society, so as to ensure the role of the College of Nursing at the dissemination of culture and health awareness in the community, it has carried out the activity of "towards a safe school environment" on Sunday, between the hours of 11.13.2016 (9.30-1) at noon in( Imam Malik School) comprehensive secondary
Educational lectures were given on first aid in the case of (heart and lungs stopped injuries burn).
The students and teachers in the school were trained by the students of the school of Nursing on the use of (resuscitation in the case of the heart and lungs stop) (CPR). Infectious diseases were discussed such as hepatitis (A) and salmonella. Safe environment in the kitchen and ways to deal with the fire and to seek cuts were discussed. Role play about (epileptic seizures and convulsions) was applied
Event 2: No Drug aAdiction in My University
Healthy activity entitled "No drug addiction in my university," aims to educate students about the impact of drug addiction .was held on Sunday 18/12/2016 between the hours (9-11)
Dr. (Ayman Mansour) professor in the school of nursing / Department of Community Health who is specialized in mental health and addiction. lecturing about drug addiction, types, causes, methods of addiction. The impact of addiction on physical, psychological and social aspects..
Eventsto be implemented in the second semester:
1) Activity entitled "perfect your business" (02/26/2017)
2) Activity entitled "Know your rights" (03/05/2017)
3) Training of First Aid (CPR to the public)