Master's Degree in Nursing Programs
ProgramDescription  Study Plans
MSc programs The School of Nursing at the University of Jordan offers master  program in clinical nursing with three tracks:
- Critical care,
- Palliative care, and
- Psychiatric mental health

Special requirement includes a One year (12 month) clinical nursing experience in a health care institution or a teaching/training experience of 12 month in the related specialty.

The Student has to finish 36 credit hours (Cr.h), of which:(21) credit hours Obligatory courses, (6) Credit hours Elective Courses, (9) Credit hours Thesis
ماجستير التمريض السريري الشامل 2012 Master of Clinical Nursing English and Arabic version.pdf    
ماجستير التمريض السريري الرسالة 2012 Master of Clinical NursingEnglish and Arabic versions.pdf    
Programs Specification_Master's in PMHN 
Progam Specifications 2017-2018_Master Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing.pdf    
Programs Specification_Master's in Palliative Care 
Progam Specifications 2017-2018_Master Palliative Care.pdf    
Programs Specification_Master's in Critical Care 
Progam Specifications 2017-2018_Master Critical Care.pdf