School's Strategy

To be a leading, global school in the areas of nursing education, research, and community service.
1. Graduate competent nurses able to provide quality nursing care.
2. Promote a scientific research culture among faculty and students.
3. Develop the body of nursing knowledge at local, regional, and international levels.
4. Disseminate nursing knowledge through national and international conferences, workshops, seminars, training programs, and exchange programs.
5. Promote professional development of faculty members and administrative staff.
6. Promote continuous learning and educational culture and environment.
7. Build collaborative relations and partnerships with local, regional, and international institutions.
The School of Nursing dedicates itself to improve health and wellbeing of society through preparing professional nurses to provide quality nursing care, conduct research and provide community service. The school provides a model learning environment that encourages life-long learning, innovation, and professional and personal development.
Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)/ BSc Program
Upon successful completion of BSc Program in Nursing, the students will be able to achieve the following ILOs: ILO 1: Demonstrate competency in performing and providing the role of a professional nurse in quality care provision for individuals, families, and groups. ILO 2: Apply principles of effective communication with peers, individuals, families, groups, and health care team. ILO 3: Utilize critical thinking and problem solving in planning and implementing nursing care for individuals, families, and groups. ILO 4: Apply professional standards, values, and behaviors in providing nursing care for individuals, families, and groups. ILO 5: Demonstrate safety measures to protect self, individuals, families, and groups. ILO 6: Translate organizational, leadership, interprofessional collaboration, and management concepts into nursing care for individuals, families, and groups. ILO 7: Utilize evidence based practice in providing care for individuals, families, and groups.