Other Facilities

 Her Royal Highness Princess Muna during the openning of new nursing labs

1. Nursing Laboratories
There are seven nursing laboratories located on the second floor at the Health Complex Hall.
1.      Child Health Nursing
2.      Foundation of Professional Nursing
3.      Physical Health Assessment
4.      Adult Health
5.      Maternity Health Nursing
6.      Computer Simulation/ Audio Visual
7.      Simulation/ Critical Care
 lab 2.jpg
lab 4.png
lab 3.png




2. Student Union Office (SUO)

SUO is located in the ground floor at the Sis located in the ground floor at the SON.

The SUO is dedicated for the representatives of the Nursing Students' Union for their meetings and activities.





3. Prayer Rooms
4. Students' Lockers
5. Students' Clinic
6. Cafes and Restaurants
7. Book Shops