Bachelor of Science in Nursing / Tools and Equipment

Two types of practice learning environments are available for nursing students at BSc program including the SON training laboratories and various healthcare facilities. The SON training laboratories prove to be a rich practice learning environment for students to meet the program outcomes and student ILOs. 

Nurse students can have their training at various healthcare facilities including the Jordan University Hospital, the Ministry of Health facilities, Jordanian Royal Medical Services facilities, and various private healthcare facilities. 

The students are supplied with some equipements such as stethoscope, sphygmomnometer, and disposable equipement. 

The shool of nursing laboratories are supplied with all needed equipement for clinical tarining such as body organ model, beds, , ECG machine, defebrilator, Advanced CPR training manikin for adult and child, Computer Interactive Maternal And Neonate Simulator (Advanced Maternity And Child Birthing Model), trollyes for medication and dressing ..etc). Also, the laboratories are equipped with disposable equipement such as needles, syringes, gloves, gauze, ...etc.

In hospitals, the student are allowed to use the available equipement under supervision. .