Master Degree in Clinical Nursing/Critical Care / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

The intended learning outcomes for the critical care track are:

  1.  Utilize up-to-date knowledge and holistic perspective in advanced critical care nursing management of health and disease states.
  2.  Demonstrate competence within the area of clinical specialization in Critical care nursing through the application of nursing knowledge and skills and other sciences to promote health of individuals, families, and communities.
  3.  Practice within professional, legal and ethical advance practice context.
  4. Maximize use of information technology applications to enhance advanced roles of critical care nursing practice, education, and research.
  5. Apply research and evidence-based nursing practice to improve nursing practice, quality of client care, safety and outcomes.
  6.  Apply leadership skills and decision making in providing nursing care and safe care delivery to individuals, populations, or communities across health care delivery system.
  7.  Demonstrate competencies in communication, collaboration, and consultation skills required in the advanced interprofessional teams and health care recipients in the advanced nursing management of health and disease states. 
  8. Develop and improve the role of educator in nursing practice within the area of clinical specialization in Critical care nursing.
  9. Prepare and present oral presentation to a professional standard
  10.  Write a research proposal to a professional standard ( For Comprehensive Track)
  11. Write an original research to a professional standard that builds up knowledge in nursing discipline and other related sciences  (For Thesis Track)