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Program Specifications

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) / Program Overview

​Background to the program and subject area: 

The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy in nursing program is to prepare nursing researchers and scholars to explore, develop, and move forward the scientific body of knowledge in nursing practice, administration/management, and education. Students will develop critical and analytical skills from in-depth study of advanced nursing, social, and behavioral sciences. They will learn to synthesize information from a range of sources (for example published literature, health statistics, national and local policy documents) to enable them to generate new ideas and make an original contribution to nursing knowledge. Developments in nursing science and health care will emerge from research. Dissertation research will prepare graduates to expand knowledge and advance professional practice to the frontiers of nursing. Graduates of the program will use innovative thinking to develop research questions, and will select and apply appropriate research methods to solve problems empirically, thereby expanding the evidence base of nursing. The program will develop in its students a range of specific and transferable skills which will be required by leaders of the nursing profession in public and private health care organizations, and to make a major contribution to health care policy development, education, research, and administration.

Vision: To prepare graduates able to generate and disseminate knowledge and assume leadership role locally, regionally and internationally in the area of nursing education, research, and community services. 

Mission: The PhD Program at the School of Nursing provides advanced knowledge and encourages traditional and nontraditional creative activities, to enhance graduates research-based knowledge and theories in their roles as researchers, educators, and administrators/managers.

The Doctoral aims to prepare nurses to assume leadership roles in health institutions, policy analysis, policy making, and academic sectors. Prepare Graduate scholar able to enhance health and lives of people in Jordan as well as people in the region. Through achieving the following goals:

1. Create, interpret and test new knowledge, through conducting original research to extend the forefront of nursing.

2. Examine the nature of philosophical inquiry for nursing theory, practice, and research.

3. Recognize social, cultural and political issues related to the student’s area of scholarship.

4. Apply theoretical and empirical knowledge through systematic analysis, critique, and synthesis to  improve the nursing disciplin e.

5. Utilize advanced information technology in learning and teaching processes, research, and practice.

6. Provide leadership in ethical, legal, and socio-cultural issues for the improvement of nursing practice and health care delivery.

7. Collaborate in the development and/or implementation of health policy locally, nationally, and  internationally.