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     The school of nursing has created a database of scientific research, including summaries of research nurses that have been conducted by the nursing sector inside and outside Jordan. 


The school has a specialized committee called Scientific Research Committee (SRC). A research environment is essential to facilitate research productivity of faculty members and students so that they can contribute essential knowledge to improve the overall quality of health care and advance the discipline of Nursing. Scientific research in nursing considers the basic component of the composition of nursing knowledge and the development of nursing science. Hence, the SRC created a good culture of research in the school to stimulate research productivity among faculty members and students and facilitate the development and conduction of research projects among faculty and students that build the scientific foundation to improve clinical nursing practice. Moreover, the committee is working on research priorities in the kingdom and the areas of research in the school. Finally, it encourages multidisciplinary research activities between the school of nursing and other University of Jordan colleges, research institutions, organizations, hospitals, and universities.


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To view the school of nursing research products, please visit the faculty member sites at:

Graduated Students Researches

Facilitated Tucking As Non-Pharmacological Nursing Intervention for Relieving Stressful Responses among Jordanian Preterm infants

Jordanian Registered Nurses Perception of their Preparedness for disaster Management

Self-Efficacy, Self-Management and Glycemic Control in adults with Type two Diabetes Mellitus

Postpartum Outcomes Related to Risk Factors and Obstetric Perineal Trauma: A Prospective Longitudinal Study.

Predictors of Obesity in School Aged Jordanian Adolescents

Quality of life and Sexual Function of Jordanian Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

The effects of an educational program on subject's knowledge about heart disease and adoption of healthy lifestyle in worrling adults in Jordan.

Depression and Caregiver Burden Experienced By Stroke Patients' Caregivers.

The Effects of a Triage Training Program on Jordanian emergency Nurses' Decision Making Abililities

Predictors of Delay Seeking Medical Care In Jordanian Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction

The relationship between malnutrition and academic achievement among primary school children in Northern Jordan

Nurses' ability to detect and document medication prescription errors: A comparison between accredited and non-accredited hospitals in Jordan

The Effect Of An Educational Programs On Jordanian Nurses Attitudes Toward caring for Dying patients at a cancer center In Amman

Stressors and coping Strategies among Jordanian Clients with end Stage Renal Disease on Hemodialysis

Smoking Patterns and factors Associated with smoking cessation in patients with CVD in Jordan

Psychosocial correlates of Childhood Experience of abuse among University Students in Jordan

Moral distress among Jordanian critical care nurses and their perception of hospital ethical climate

Psychosocial predictors of Postpartum Depression among Jordanian Military Women

Predictors of Maternal Fetal Attachment among Jordanian Pregnant Women

Exploring Sources of Knowledge Utilized in Praetice and Predictors of Research Utilization Among Jordanian Registered Nurses

The Influence of Jordanian Nurses' Perceived Work Environment and Nurses' Job Satisfaction on The Quality of Nursing Care

Jordanian Adolescent Cancer Patients' Perceptions of Body Image Changes and Coping Strategies

Coping Strategies of Older Jordanian Adults with chronic Illnes

The Relationships between leadership Behaviors, Organizational  Climates and Job Satisfaction among hospital Registered Nurses in Jordan

Jordanian Intensive Care Nurses Perceptions of end-of-Life Care Helpful Behaviours and Obstacles

Factors associated with Primary Health care Services Utilization among Older Adults in the Irbid Governorate of Jordan

The Influence of an Educational Program on Nursing Staff's Knowledge of Pressure Ulcer, Risk assessment, Attitude, Intentions and Behaviors Toward Pressure Ulcer Prevention

The effect of School Environment on the Health behaviours of Jordanian Adolescents in Amman City

The Impact of a health Educational Program on Jordanian Women's Knowledge of Menopausal Symptoms and Self-Management Practices

The effect of Cardiac Educational program on the level of knowledge and Adherence to healthy lifestyle among Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases in the North of Jordan

Exploring Factors Influencing Supportive Care Needs of Jordanian Women Undergoing Different types of Breast Cancer Treatment

The Effectiveness of Age-Appropriate Pre-Operative Information Session on Anxiety Level among Jordanian School Age Children (6-12) Year Old Undergoing Elective Surgery

Effect of Combined Interventions of Diet and Physical Activity on Reducing The Gap Between Perceived And Actual Risk of Coronary Heart Disease among Women in North of Jordan

The Congruence between Nurses' desire for Parents' Participation in Providing Care for Hospitalized Children and Parents' actual Participation: A Jordanian study

Effectiveness of using high  fidelity simulator on cardiopulmonary resuscitation knowledge and skills retention of nursing students at the University of Jordan

The Relationships between Jordanian Nurses' Perceptions of their Work Environment and the level of Intent to stay at Work

Expected Control Beliefs, Perceived Control during Birth and Childbirth Satisfaction among Primiparous Jordanian Women

knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices about Pain Management among Jordanian Critical Care Nurses Working in Amman

The relationship between physical and psychological health status and barriers to access to health care, and quality of life among Palestinian patients diagnosed with cancer in the west bank

Needs of family members of hospitalized critically ill patients :a comparison between Jordanian critical care nurses' and family members' perceptions

The psychophysiological effects of an Individualized Educational Intervention on Cardiac Catheterization Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Developing and Validating an Educational Program for female School Teachers Regarding Adolescent's Menstrual Health

Effect of educational program on evidence-based practice belief and implementation among Jordanian registered nurses.

Nursing Perceptions Concerning Knowledge, barriers and Facilitaors to Pediatric End-of-Life to Predict Quality of Care

Uncertainty, Symptoms Distress and Learning Needs among Jordanian Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients Posts Discharge

Perception of nurse behaviors among Jordanian nurses and patient and its relationship with patient satisfaction

Effect of Surgical Safety Culture educational Program on Operating Room Nurses Attitude Toward Patient safety Measures in Military Hospitals.

The effect of diabetes self-efficacy enhancing intervention of self care behaviors and psychological wellbeing among type two diabetes patients

The effect of implementing delirium prevention program by nurses on key quality indicators at intensive care unit patients

The effect of implementing developmental supportive care policy on Preterm Neonate's Health status Parental behavior, and nurse's ethical involvement in NICUs

Jordanian men's health beliefs about prostate cancer screening

effect of internship program on the newly graduated nurses' clinical competence at military hospitals.

Exploring the professional practice environment of nursing in the united Arab Emirates governmental hospitals: perception of emarati nurses

The Effect of Implementing A Transformational Leadership Educational Program on Leadership Outcomes Among First Line Nurse Managers in Private Hospitals in Jordan

Transition to motherhood after childbirth complications: A Phenomenological study

The Effect of educational program on  self-care behaviors and health outcomes among patients with heart failure in Jordan

The effects of Progressive Muscle Relation training   as a complementary   nursing therapy on sleep quality and fatigue in adults patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy

Impact of high fidelity simulation on the development of clinical judgment and motivation among Lebanese nursing students : A mixed – method study

Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Perceived Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Quality of life, and Bio-physiologic Indicators among Parents of Children with Autistic

The Effect of Health education Intervention on Jordanian Participants Colorectal cancer knowledge, health Perception and Screening practices

Effect of  A Prostate Cancer  Educational program on the level of knowledge, Beliefs and intention to screen among older Jordanian Men in Amman

The impact of shared governance on Jordanian nurses’ perception of professional governance, empowerment, and organizational commitment

Assessing  “Talent”  among Kuwaiti Nurses and examining its  relationship[ with the quality of  nursing care

The impact of concept mapping on caring efficacy of Palestinian nursing students at the  clinical training  setting

Effects of implementing adult trauma clinical practice guidelines (ATCPGs) on outcomes of trauma patients and healthcare providers in the emergency department of a teaching hospital

The efficacy of a cognitive behavioral interventions for cancer pain management in palliative care nursing randomized controlled trail

Quality of nursing care from the perspective of registered nurses as patients and or caregivers in Jordanian hospitals

Nursing informatics' competency, self-efficacy, nurses' characteristics, and relationships with the quality of nursing care

The effect of preoperative pain education intervention on postoperative pain reduction. Pain management satisfaction, and anxiety in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery in Jordan

Jordanian nursing student preparation of and preparation for health promotion : A mixed methods study

The moderating effect of locus of control and self efficacy on the relationship between job demands and job satisfaction among nurses in Jordan: model testing

‘"Effectiveness of Using Eye Mask and Earplugs on Perceived Quality of Sleep among Intensive Care Patients: an Experimental Study"

Predictors of postoperative wounds' infections among patients in surgical wards and critical care units in Amman city/ Jordan: a mixed-methods study

Evaluating the quality of nursing doctoral education as perceived by students, graduates and faculty

Secondary traumatic stress among Jordanian nurses working in emergency departments: prevalence, predictors, and consequences, A mixed-methods study

Alexithymia and fibromyalgia among bullied secondary school students: the mediating effect of psychological distress and bullying victimization

Perspective of Jordanian patients and nurses regarding sexual health following coronary artery diseases : a longitudinal study

The Effectiveness of Training Program on Developing Jordanian Nurses' Competency to Detect Dysphagia among Stroke Patients in Jordanian Hospitals

The Impact of Implementing an Integrated Model of Care on Hospitalized Older Persons on their Quality of Life and Health Indicators in Palestine/West Bank

Impact of an educational program on Jordanian nurses knowledge of disaster management

The effectiveness of patient acuity tool on nursing satisfaction and patients outcomes

The effects of two interventions caregivers’ burden and well-being when caring for cancer patients

A Prospective Study of Traumatic Childbirth: Incidence, Risk Factors, Physical and Psychological Consequences on Jordanian Mothers and Their infant's

Using Communication Assistive Device for Non-verbal Patients: Nurses' and Patients Perception

Health care providers’ self-reported adherence and perceived barriers to the use of clinical practice guidelines of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Jordanian hospitals

The effect of concept mapping as a pedagogical tool on Jordanian Nursing students emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills

Predictors of health related quality of life among Jordanian children and adolescents with congenital heart defects; children’s and adolescents self-reports versus parental proxy reports.

Social Determinants of Access to Healthcare as Indicator of Health Equity among Jordanian Patients with Chronic Diseases

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders among Adolescents and the Needs for Mental Health Services at Schools: A mixed Methods

Delirium Post Cardiac Surgery: Incidence, Associated Factors, and Impact on Selected Patients' Outcomes

Evaluation of high fidelity simulation on clinical judgment, self-satisfaction, and self-confidence among  nursing students

Effectiveness of Implementing Restraint and Seclusion Reduction Training on Nurses Attitude toward Using Restrictive Measures at Jordanian Inpatients Psychiatric Settings

Experiences of Cardiac Patients and Health Care Providers Regarding Involvement in Health Care Decisions: A Phenomenological Study

Effectiveness of Combined Video Game Distraction and Anesthesia Mask Exposure Intervention on the Preoperative Anxiety of 5-11 years Old Jordanian Children Undergoing a Day Case Surgery: a Randomized Clinical Trial

Health-Promoting Behaviors among Patients with Coronary Artery Disease in Palestine

Exploring the relationship between Health Literacy, Self-Care Behaviors and Quality of Life among Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

The effect of diabetes self-management mobile application on self-efficacy. Self-care agency, and self-care management among patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

The effectiveness of cryotherapy in managing pain caused by arteriovenous fistula cannulation for Jordanian patient on maintenance hemodialysis

The impact of implementing resiliency training program on the level of resilience, stress and anxiety  among nurses in a private hospitals in  Jordan : an international study

Health-Related Quality of life, Perceived Anxiety, Uncertainty, and Fatigue Among Patients with COPD

Healthcare providers' adherence to Obstetric Guidelines Protocols for women with gestational diabetes mellitus during antenatal care: A Delphi study

Resiliency Process and Political Socialization among Palestinian Children Exposed to Political Traumatic Experience: Grounded Theory Approach

Sepsis and Septic Shock: Prevalence, Treatment, and Outcomes Among Intensive Care Units Patients at a Tertiary Hospital  in Jordan

Health related quality of life, post-traumatic stress disorder, and associated factors post coronary artery bypass graft surgery among Jordanian patients

The Effectiveness of Intra-Dialysis Physical Exercises on Psychological Status, Self-Efficacy, and Sleep Quality among Patients with End Stage Renal Disease in Jordan

The effect of educational hypertension management mobile application on self-care practices and blood pressure control among adult patients with hypertension in Jordan : a randomized controlled trial

The Effect of a Contact-Based Intervention on Attitudes and Behaviors of Nursing Students in Jordan Toward People with Mental Illness

The Influence of Leadership Behaviors and Hospitals' Organizational Culture on Incidents Reporting Practices as Perceived by Jordanian Hospitals' Registered Nurses.

Electronic Health Records Implementation Readiness among Nurses in Jordan: Impact on Adoption through Benefits Realization

Palestinian Couples’ Experiences Of Family Planning

The experiences of Palestinian adolescent refugees of diabetic retinopathy

Patients, Family Caregivers and Health Care Providers Lived Experience of Decision Making near End of Life: A Qualitative Approach

The Effect of Childbirth Education Program (CE) on Childbirth Self-efficacy, Fear of Childbirth, and Prenatal Anxiety among Jordanian Pregnant Women in Southern Jordan

Exploring healthcare experiences and needs of children with ADHD, Jordanian Mothers perspective: A phenomenological study

Predictors Of Empowerment Among Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Cross-Sectional Study

Exploring  the lived experiences of women suffering from congenital heart disease during pregnancy: A phenomenological study

Identifying Nursing-Sensitive Indicators for Monitoring Nursing Care Quality:

Adolescents' Lived Experience of Substance Use Disorder: A Qualitative Study

Lived experiences of Jordanian emergency nurses victims of workplace violence: a phenomenological study

Jordanian Mothers Experiences After Stillbirth: an Interpretative Phenomenological Study

The impact of case-based nursing education on the development of clinical reasoning and clinical decision-making skills among undergraduate nursing students in Palestine

The effect of adherence therapy on medication adherence health beliefs , self=efficacy and depressive symptoms among patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder

Effect of discharge planning program on patient’s outcomes post coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Indicators of Health Care Services Utilization among Roma Population in Jordan

Early initiation of breastfeeding,baby-care activities, and postpartum fatigue: a quasi-experiemental study between rooming-in versus non-rooming-in health care facilities

The implementation of the healthy school national accreditation program: the lived experiences of the school health teachers/nurses- a qualitative study

Testing Efficacy Of Relapse Prevention Intervention On The Ability Of Patients And Their Families To Self-Assess And Manage Early Warning Signs Of Relapse And Impact on Relapse Rate Among Patients Diagnosed With Schizophrenia In Jordan

Nursing Students’ Perception of learning Environment, Engagement, and Satisfaction with e-learning in Jordan during the COVID-19 Pandemic: a National Study

Factors Influencing Compliance to Novel Coronavirus Infection Control Precautions Among Cardiovascular Disease Patients in The Southern Region of Jordan

Predictors of Jordanian nurses’ compliance with standard precautions utilizing health belief model

The Lived Experience of Palliative Care for Patients with Hematologic Malignancies and their Family Caregivers Experiences

Natural Child Birth in Jordan: A Qualitative Feministic Study

Dissertation / Supervisor Assigned Projects

The healthcare professionals and hospital managers' perceptions of patient safety culture in Jordanian hospitals

Early Marriage among Syrian Refugee Girls in Al-Za’atri Camp: A Case Study

Treatment delay from onset of symptoms to reperfusion among patients with acute myocardial infarction

Healthcare Providers’ and Patients Knowledge, Attitudes,Experiences and Satisfaction with the Informed Consent Process at Jordanian Hospitals

The Lived Experience of School Age Children during Coronavirus Disease Pandemic in Jordan: A Qualitative Study

Exploring the psychological distress among Jordanian patients suffering from heart failure: a phenomenological study.

Parents’ Experience and Healthcare Needs of having a Hospitalized Child with Burn Injury in Jordan.

The Lived Experience of Jordanian Women Suffering from Stroke and Their Perception of Palliative Care Needs: Descriptive Phenomenological Study

Nurses’ Disaster Competencies during Response to COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Study

The Impact of Spirituality on prenatal anxiety, Fear of Childbirth and Resilience Among Pregnant Women in the Northern Region of Jordan

Adherence To Immediate International Postpartum Care Guidelines: Barriers And Facillitators Among Jordanian Health Care Professionals

Developmental Delay and its Demographic and social predictors among preschool-age children in Ramallah-Palestine

From Abstinence to Relapse: Lived Experience of Relapse for patients with Substance Use Disorder in Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Jordan

Registered Nurses Burnout Predictors: Perception of Workplace Structural Empowerment, Leader’s Empowering Behaviours, Leadership Style, and Organizational Commitment

Self-Care Behaviors One Month After Acute Myocardial Infarction And Its Related Psychosocial Factors Among Patients In Jordan

Assessment of Basic Life Support Retention of knowledge, skills, and attitude among Registered Nurses in Palestine: A national Cross-Sectional Study

Jordanian Mothers Experiences of Severe Preeclampsia/ Eclampsia: An Interpretative Phenomenological Study

Using Large Scale Data to Predict Ischemic Heart Diseases Among Adult Jordanian Population

Emotional intelligence and its effect in transformation leadership style among nurses managers in Saudi Arabia