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The school of nursing has created a database of scientific research, including summaries of research nurses that have been conducted by the nursing sector inside and outside Jordan.
The school has a specialized committee called Scientific Research Committee (SRC). A research environment is essential to facilitate research productivity of faculty members and students so that they can contribute essential knowledge to improve the overall quality of health care and advance the discipline of Nursing. Scientific research in nursing considers the basic component of the composition of nursing knowledge and the development of nursing science. Hence, the SRC created a good culture of research in the school to stimulate research productivity among faculty members and students and facilitate the development and conduction of research projects among faculty and students that build the scientific foundation to improve clinical nursing practice. Moreover, the committee is working on research priorities in the kingdom and the areas of research in the school. Finally, it encourages multidisciplinary research activities between the school of nursing and other University of Jordan colleges, research institutions, organizations, hospitals, and universities.
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Research Title

Jordanian Nurses' Perceptions and Practices Regarding Enteral Nutrition in Hospitalized Critically Ill Adult Patients

Knowledge, attitude, and compliance of Jordanian healthcare professionals towards infection control guidelines

Exploring Collaboration and Communication between Nurses and Physicians in Critical Care Settings in Jordan

The needs of Jordanian family members who had a patient admitted into the intensive care unit: A Perspective of families and healthcare providers

Jordanian Women's Awareness and Attitude Toward Epidural Analgesia During Labor

Jordanian Patients' Preception of their quality of Sleep at Critical Care Units

Perceived stress and coping strategies among Jordanian nursing students during clinical practice in psychiatric mental health course

The impact of implementing of  pressure ulcers risk assessment scales (Braden scale) on pressure ulcers development among  hospitalized patients  outcomes at private hospital in Jordan

The quality of life of Jordanian nurses from their perspectives a comperative study between ICU & non ICU nurses

  Cancer-related fatigue in Jordan: prevalence and predictors

Nurses' Spiritual Well-Being, Attitudes toward Spiritual Care and Caring Behaviours in Jordanian Oncology Units

The relationship between distressing symptoms and health related quality of life among patients with chronic diseases in Jordan

Jordanian Universities Nursing Students' Attitudes toward End-of-life Care

Nurses' Perceptions of the Spiritual Care in Jordan

Jordanian nurses' perspectives of end-of-life nursing care practices in general hospital settings in Jordan

Knowledge of  , attitudes toward , and perceived barriers to cancer pain management among Jordanian nurses and physicians at oncology unit

Jordanian nurses ' understanding of spirituality and spiritual care

King Faisal specialist Saudi nurses knowledge perception toward palliative care delivery in intensive care unit (ICU) and non ICU

Attitudes of Jordanian nursing students toward death

The purpose of the study is to investigate the effect of early intervention for opioid-induced constipation on constipation assessment and quality of life among Jordanian patients with cancer.

Barriers and enablers to pain management in the emergency department in Jordan

Knowledge of pain management among nurses and physicians and its association with patient satisfaction of pain management in the medical centers of the Jordanian royal medical services.

‘Virtual Reality Technology as A Distraction Technique for Pain and Anxiety among Adult Female Patients with Breast Cancer”

Description of caregiver’s knowledge and practices of pressure ulcer prevention and treatment in patients need palliative care

Adherence level of pain medication among patients with cancer

 Family experiences of caregiving among Alzheimer patients: A qualitative study

Caring Burden and Quality of Life among Caregivers of Patients Diagnosed with Cancer

Public knowledge of palliative care in Jordan

Barriers To Pain Management As Perceived By Patients With Cancer And Non-Cancer Patients With Chronic Disease

Nurses knowledge of dysphagia assessment and management for patients having cancer

knowledge of palliative care and attitude end of life among nurses working in Kuwait hospital

Predictors Of Quality Of Life Of Kuwaiti People In Reqards To Covid-19 During Quarantine Period

Death Anxiety and Attitude toward Death among Oncology physicians and nurses during Covid-19 Pandemic

Anxiety and depression among patients with cancer confirmed with COVID-19:  A compartive study

Self-Management Behaviors Of Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Jordanian nurses beliefs and self reported practices regarding pain assessment in non verbal patients at critical care units

Parent satisfaction in pediatric ICU: an approach for quality improvement

Effect of an  educational program in intensive care units nurses' knowledge regarding prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia

Effectiveness of a supportive education program in improving blood pressure control in Jordanian patients with end stage renal disease

Knowledge , attitudes, beliefs and perceived risk of acute coronary syndrome in patients diagnosed with coronary heart disease

The effects of education program on reducing anxiety among patients undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCI)

Low Back Pain among Jordanian Intensive Care Nurses : Prevalence & Associated Factors

Perceived level of Confidence to perform clinical nurse specialists (CNS) core competencies among master prepared Jordanian nurses

Factors affecting electronic health records (EHR) usage satisfaction among nurses in Jordan

Knowledge , practice and strain of care towards delirium management among critical care nurses in Kuwait

Nurses and other  hospital workers uniforms as a source of infection in intensive care units

Knowledge and observed practice regarding selected positive inotropic medications in Jordanian critical care nurses

Feasibility, clinical utility and documentation of the critical pain observation tool among mechanically ventilated patients

Predictors of pressure ulcers among Jordanian adult critically ill patients

Prevalence of stroke and associated factors in Hospitalized stroke patient in Jordan

Knowledge and Coping Strategies among Patients Diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes Milletus in Jordan

The assessment of Nurses' Knowledge Regarding Noise and its Level in Critical Care Units

Chest Drain : Prevalence of Insertion and Nurses' Knowledge of Care in Intensive Care Units

Perception of Caring Performance among Jordanian Critical Care Nurses and its Relationship with Families' Satisfaction

The Effectiveness of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training on Willingness and Competencies of Lay Rescuers of Cardiovascular Patients in Jordanian Community

The impact of prolonged bed rest after percutaneous coronary intervention on patients’ outcomes in terms of low back pain, fatigue, patient satisfaction and hematoma

Incidence and Associated factors of Acute Kidney Injury Post Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Impact of work-related stress on caring performance of newly-graduated nurses in critical care units in Jordan

Impact of work-related stress on caring performance of newly-graduated nurses in critical care units in Jordan

Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy prevalence predictors and association with mortality

The Effect of Family Function, Family Health, and Nursing Support on Heart-Focused Anxiety among Family Members of Cardiac Patients in Jordan

ICU Nurses' Interactions with Unconscious Patients: An Ethnographic Study

The lived experience of critically ill patients in isolation rooms: a phenomenological inquiry

Perceived knowledge, attitudes, practice, and barriers to Evidence-based Practice among Jordanian nurses in Intensive care units

Screening for Skin Colonization and Preoperative Skin Decolonization to Reduce the Risk of Surgical Site Infections among Surgical Patients in Gynecology Floors

Predictive Value of Glasgow Coma Scale Versus Full Outline of Unresponsiveness (FOUR) Score to Predict Extubation Failure among Patients in Intensive Care Units

The Utilization of Burns' Wean Assessment Program for predicting Successful Extubation among Log-Term Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Evaluating the Effect of Music Therapy or Aromatherapy on Anxiety level among Patients Undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Assessment of ease of communication among mechanically ventilated patients and associated factors

Risk of malnutrition in mechanically ventilated patients; prevalence and outcomes

Family satisfaction with care of critically ill patients in intensive care units

The effect of nurse guided use of incentive spirometer on postoperative pulmonary complications among cardiac surgery patients

Prevelance of central line associated blood stream infection and nurses' compliance regarding central line care bundle: observational cross-sectional study

Knowledge, attitude , practice and barriers among nurses in the prevention of Central line associated  bloodstream infection in Jordan’s hospitals

knowledge and Skills of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation among Critical Care Nurses in Selected Kuwaiti Hospitals

Predictors of COPD patients admission in Jordanian hospitals

The incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia and the attributable costs in the intensive care units

Delirium Prevalence and Predictors in Intensive Care Units: Descriptive Study in Jordan"

" chlorohexidine bathing and healthcare associated infections among Adult intensive care patients: A observational study

Patients’ Experiences in the Intensive Care Unit: Across- Sectional Study

Assessment of knowledge, attitude, and practice among Jordanian hypertensive patients in Jordan

Insomnla after percutaneous coronary intervention: predictors and correlates

Door- to needle time for fibrinolytic therapy and its relationship with reperfusion success mortality rate, and length of stay among patients with stemi in Jordan

Effect of individualized Nursing Discharge Program on Patients’ Medication Adherence Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Health And Sexual Related Quality Of Life After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Short-term  and long-term outcomes after positive confusion assessment method (CAM) among patients with critical Illnesses

Observed adherence and related factors of Jordanian registered nurses to ventilator associated pneumonia care bundle and its prevalence in intensive care units

Nurses’ knowledge and observed practices of blood transfusion safety at intensive care units in Jordan

Determinants of nurses compliance to sedation guidelines in the intensive care units in Jordan

Assessing Nurses’ Perception of Spirituality and Spiritual Care in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Association of fatigue and sleep disturbances in patients with chronic kidney disease in predialysis stage and end-stage renal disease on maintenance hemodialysis

Medication adhereance and health status among patients with COPD

Clinical Features Of COVID-19 And The Nursing Knowledge and Perception In Critical Care Units

Mortality of Critically Ill Patients and COVID-19 in Intensive Care Units in Jordan

Knowledge, attitudes and practices of genomics in nurses at the critical care units

Stress coping strategies, and quality of life among Jordanian parents of children with autistic disorder

Psychosocial correlates of suicidal ideation among patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses in Jordan

Nurses' Attitude and Practices toward Physical Healthcare for Patients with Mental and psychiatric Illnesses in Jordan

Jordanian Psychiatric Nurses' Caring and Empathy : A National Survey Study

psychosocial predictors of relapse among individuals with alcohol dependence

Relationship among burden, personality traits, expressed emotion and coping strategies among Jordanian caregivers of patients with serious mental illness

The effect of spiritual well being on the depression symptoms among hemodialysis patient in Jordan

Factors associated with depression and the relationship to quality of life among Saudi women with breast cancer

Nurses and patients perceptions of quality of  psychiatric nursing care in Jordan

Nurses knowledge and skills to manage patients with psychological distress in emergency departments

Prevalence and association of premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder with academic performance among female university students

Social and psychological correlates risk of eating disorders among high school girls in the central region of Jordan

Knowledge of and adherence to  antipsychotic medications among individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia in Jordan

Psychosocial impact of internalized stigma among people living with mental illness

The prevalence and severity of psychotic symptoms among amphetamines users in rehabilitation addiction centre in Jordan

Sleep disturbances and sleep-related impairment among patients diagnosed with serious mental illnesses in Jordan

Relationship of Anger with Psychological and Socio-demographic Factors among Individuals Diagnosed with Alcohol use Disorder in Joran

Relationship of Neurocognitive Function with Psychological Well-Being and Activities of Daily Living among Individuals Diagnosed with Schizophrenia in Jordan

The compassion fatigue compassion satisfaction, and burnout among parents of children with psychiatric mental disorders in Jordan

Post-Traumaic Stress Disorder in Families of Patient Diagnosed with Mental Illness

Suicidality and related psychological and sociodemographic factors among individuals diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder in Jordan

The effectiveness of narrative exposure therapy with posttraumatic stress disorder among Syrian refugees in Jordan : a mixed methods sequential explanatory RCT

Psychosocial determinants of suicide among Jordanian adolescents: a national study

Nurses' Sedation Practices of Adult on Mechanical Ventilation in Kuwaiti Critical Care Units

Early Mobilization of Patients in the Intensive Care Units: Knowledge, Attitude, and Behaviors of Jordanian Nurses, Physicians, and Physical Therapists

The Good Death: Lived Experinces Of Bereaved Caregivers Received End Of Life Care

Disruptive mood disregulation symptoms among school children aged 6-12:A National explotary stud

Exploring Eating Behaviors among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Jordan: Parents’ Perspective

Prevalence of Pressure Injury in patients with cancer admitted via emergency department at a referral cancer center in Jordan:a retrospective study

The effects of using progressive muscle relaxation technique on the 6- minute walk and fatigue levels among patients with heart failure in Jordan

Critical Care Unit Nurses’ knowledge, Attitudes, and Self-Confidence of Using Glasgow Coma Scale in Jordan

Acute Kidney Injury in the Intensive Care Unit in Jordan: Incidence, Associated Factors, and Outcomes

Characteristics and outcomes of Acute kidney injury in critically ill Jordanian patients with COVID-19: A Retrospective multicenter study.

Fatigue and Insomnia in Patients with Advance Cancer in Jordan

Staff Perceptions of Obstacles and Facilitators to Providing End-Of-Life Care for Patients with Cancer in Jordanian Intensive Care Units

Communication at the End of Life in Jordanian Critical Care Units: Family Perspective

Prevalence, Characteristics, and Prevention of Medical Devices Related Pressure Injuries among Patients with Neurological Disorders in Jordan

Characteristics and outcomes of Septic pediatric patients in The intensive care unit at a referral military hospital in Jordan


Case Characteristics, And Outcomes of Patients with COVID-19 Admitted at Teaching University Hospital in Amman

The Effects of Self-Efficacy, Self-Care Practices and Glycemic control on the Quality of Life among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

The Quality of Life of Jordanian Primary Caregivers of Technology Dependent children

Symptom Burden among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in the Predialysis Stages in Jordan

Death Anxiety, Preparedness and Ability to Care for the Dying Patients with COVID-19 Among Nurses.

Health-Related Quality of Life and Palliative Care's Necessity among Patients with Heart Failure at Royal Medical Services

Care Needs and Symptom Burden Among Oncology Patients presenting to Outpatient Clinics in Kuwait

Arterial Blood Gases characteristics of patients with COVID-19 : admitted to ICU and relationship with mortality

Enteral Nutrition Among Critically Ill Patients in Medical ICUs: Patients’ Characteristics and Incidence of Complications

Cognitive Impairment Among Patients Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: Prevalence and Associated factors

Nurses and Physicians Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use for Electronic Health Records “Hakeem” at Jordanian Royal Medical Services

The relationship of premenstrual syndrome ,sleep disturbances and job performances among working nurses in Jordan

Evaluation of Nursing Errors in Intensive Care Units in Jordan

Correlation of healthy nursing work enviroment with staff nurses’ job satisfaction and perceived quality of care in intensive care units

The Lived Experience of Jordanian Patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder during COVID-19 Pandemic

Conduct Disorder Symptoms among Jordanian Adolescents: Associations with Parental Mental Health and Parenting Styles

Exploring Family Caregivers’ Knowledge, Sociodemographic, And Individual Factors Related To Dysphagia Among Jordanian Stroke Patients