Master Degree in Clinical Nursing/Critical Care
Program Description :The clinical Nursing Master’s program is a two-year full-time program that prepares the graduates to assume the advanced Nurse Specialist Roles in four specializations: critical care, palliative care, maternal and newborn health, and psychiatric mental health nursing. It is composed of Theory and Advanced Practice in different clinical settings depending on the specialization. The program has two tracks thesis and comprehensive for each specialization. The Master's in Critical Care Nursing track provides comprehensive knowledge and skills for the advanced care of acute and chronic patients whose conditions require a high degree of precision and competence due to their life-threatening nature. This track focuses on professional nursing skills at the advanced specialist nurse level, which are concerned with providing the necessary nursing care to control the symptoms associated with acute and chronic conditions and their complications, which cause suffering to the patient and threaten the continuation of his life within the context of the integrated nursing care approach.
Program Type :Master's Degree in Nursing
Study Plan :
Program Department :Clinical Nursing