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  • 27 - Jun
  • 2024

School of Nursing holds its final meeting for the advisory committee

The School of Nursing at the University of Jordan held a meeting for the School's Advisory Committee, which is officially formed for a period of two years under the presidency of the university and upon the recommendation of the dean of the faculty.The meeting was attended by the dean of the School of Nursing, Prof. Areej Othman, and the chairperson of the committee, as well as the administrative staff of the school. In addition, representatives from the Jordanian Nursing Council, the Nurses and Midwives Union, and several nursing directors from government and private healthcare sectors and institutions were also present.Prof. Othman stated that the meeting was a continuation of the School of Nursing's efforts to involve employers in various healthcare sectors in building and monitoring evaluation methodologies for the school's programs, with the aim of improving the quality of nursing education and enhancing the level and efficiency of its graduates.Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs, Dr. Latifa Dardas, presented the results of the program's analysis and evaluation over the course of two years. The participants discussed the results in detail and made several suggestions for improving the evaluation outcomes.Furthermore, Deputy Dean for Academic and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Hamza Alduraidi, presented the accomplishments made during the two years in terms of modifications to the program's plan, functional skills, and graduate specifications. These modifications were systematically carried out in alignment with the university's strategic plan, which emphasizes the importance of empowering graduates with professional skills that meet the needs of the job market.During the meeting, the dean of the School emphasized the importance of involving representatives from the healthcare sectors and its workers in the efforts to achieve the university's and the faculty's vision and mission. She also stressed the importance of their engagement in the school's committees and decision-making processes.At the end of the meeting, the dean of the School expressed her gratitude to the attendees on behalf of the school and the university. She commended their efforts and collaboration in supporting the School of Nursing in achieving its goals and continuing to achieve advanced positions regionally and globally.