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  • 03 - Jun
  • 2024

"Nursing School" hosts distinguished professors from prestigious universities before the launch of the "First Honorary Professors Forum"

During the events of the first Honorary Professors' Forum at the University of Jordan, the Nursing School hosted Professor Salah Zeiti, a clinical cardiac nursing professor at the University of Pittsburgh, and Professor Evelot Morillius, a child health nursing professor at Edith Cowan University in Australia. These esteemed professors delivered two valuable lectures, which were attended by both faculty members and students.
At the beginning of the meeting, the Dean of the College, Prof. Areej Othman, welcomed the honorary professors, commending their efforts and contributions to the field of nursing. She encouraged the audience to benefit from their rich expertise in their respective research areas. During the lecture titled "Expanding Your Research Scope with Your Students," Professor Zeiti shared his research expertise in the technology used in nursing care, such as smart electrocardiogram (ECG) devices with specialized uses, and the impact of smartphones on the heart and its diseases. He also discussed several valuable lessons learned during his academic career, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and critical thinking, focusing on specific research areas, and involving undergraduate students in scientific research. In turn, Morillius presented a lecture titled "Engaging Consumers in Pediatric Medical Research," addressing the handling of children in applied scientific research and the perspective of the child and the family in research. She also discussed the level of anxiety and its impact on children, as well as the biological relationship between the child and their parents. It is worth noting that the launch of the first Honorary Professors' Forum, under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr. Bisher Al-Khasawneh, is part of the university's Silver Jubilee celebrations, with the participation of 60 distinguished scholars from prestigious universities worldwide who have been awarded the title of honorary professor due to their outstanding and influential contributions to their academic or research fields.445750752_894930179107685_3688369520902447873_n.jpg