A lecture about Nicotine Addiction

Youth friendly health promotion clinic had organized a lecture on nicotine addiction for the student of the University of Jordan on February 28, 2019. A lecturer from the school of pharmacy -Haya Yaseen- presented a full explanation of nicotine addiction. The lecturer explained the pathophysiology of nicotine addiction which is based on the fact that nicotine increases the release of dopamine. In its turn, dopamine affects the reward center in the brain and thus stimulates substance dependence. Later, the smokers use nicotine to avoid experiencing the withdrawal symptom such as headache, intense cravings for nicotine, difficulty concentration, nausea and vomiting, sleep disturbances, and weight gain. The lecture was held at the deanship of students’ affairs (small auditorium) from 10 am to 12 MD and around 40 students attended the lecture.


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