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Upon successful completion of BSc Program in Nursing, the students will be able to achieve the following program goals and their related ILOs: ILO 1: Provide Quality Nursing Care 1.1. Identify basic concepts and knowledge of nursing science and care including adult health nursing, maternal and child health nursing, psychiatric- mental health nursing, and community health nursing. 1.2. Utilize essential basic knowledge from other disciplines in providing quality nursing care 1.3. Demonstrate competency in performing the role of professional nurse in providing holistic, individualized and specialized nursing care. 1.4. Provide competent care for patients, families, and groups of patients to promote health, well-being, and quality of life utilizing a holistic perspective 1.5. Demonstrate ability in providing health education for patients based on their needs ILO 2: Communicate Effectively 2.1. Employ effective communication skills while carrying out nursing activities in different healthcare settings 2.2. Collaborate with clients and healthcare professionals to provide general and specialized quality healthcare services. ILO 3: Think Critically 3.1. Use critical thinking and problem solving skills in implementing nursing care 3.2. Formulate comprehensive nursing care plans using the nursing process framework to achieve optimal health for diverse populations ILO 4: Promote Professionalism 4.1. Identify the social economic, ethical, legal and cultural influences on nursing education, practice, and research. 4.2. Demonstrate professional accountability and responsibility while carrying out nursing activities in diverse healthcare settings. 4.3. Demonstrate ethical and legal decision making surrounding nursing practice. 4.4. Demonstrate life-long learning and professional development. ILO 5: Maintain Quality and Safety 5.1. Recognize quality standards of nursing care governing nursing practice in various health care settings 5.2. Apply the principles of safety in order to provide safe environment for patients and healthcare professionals. ILO 6: Develop Leadership 6.1. Identify basic concepts and principles of nursing management and leadership. 6.2. Employ effective leadership skills in providing quality nursing care 6.3. Create strategies to empower others, and introduce change when necessary to improve nursing practice. ILO 7: Implement Evidence based Practice 7.1. Identify the basic concepts, processes, and methods of conducting scientific research. 7.2. Integrate the best of research evidence into nursing practice to improve the quality of nursing care.




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