Community Health Nursing Department

The Community Health Nursing Department was established in 1998. It includes three sections: Mental Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing, and the Management leadership. It receives students in their third and fourth academic year and offers them courses regarding the main concepts in community and mental health and Management leadership nursing. In addition, the department provides an excellent learning environment that allows active participation in the community. The curricula in the department are community-based, with strong emphasis on cultural competency and evidence-based practice.

 Recognizing that ethnic community has unique health beliefs and practices, the department prepares students who can adapt care to specific health needs. Through course work, clinical practice prepares students to address the health needs of our increasingly diverse and rapidly changing society. The department members are involved in various research projects that focus mainly on the primary health care aspects and are also active participants in conferences, workshops, and symposia locally and abroad, and most take advantage of the various research and exchange programs between the University and other international academic and health institutions.​