Review children age group characteristics and communication among hospitalized children

Enlight of cooperation between School  ofNursing and The University Hospital, children and adolescents health nursing section coordinator ,Dr. omyyahNassar,  held an interactive workshop for nursing staff at the University Hospital entitled "Review children age group characteristics and communication among hospitalized children”.This workshop reviewed the developmental characteristics of children in all age groups including infants, toddlers, preschool , school –age,  and adolescence stages with a focus on their  psychological, emotional and social development. Also, the workshop clarified the impact of illness and hospitalization on childrenby explaining about the sources of stress and anxiety among hospitalized children compared to adults. These sources include separation anxiety from home, family, school, and friends, in addition to anxiety and fear from bodily injury and pain accompanying medical examinations, therapies, intravenous injections, and other medical and surgical tools, which contributes to loss of control over their daily activities. Furthermore, hospitalization force children to enter a strange place and to meet the health care providers and other personnel who are strangers. Also, the workshop highlighted the stresses that the family has due to hospitalization of the child.  Therefore, the workshop outlined the significant role of nurses toward hospitalized children in decreasing their stress and anxiety through implementing holistic nursing care based on effective communication skills that may help children to adapt positively with hospital which -in turn improve- their health and recovery.

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