Health education activity entitled (Corona Virus)

The University and Community Committee carried out a health education activity on the Corona virus 
that appeared recently in China, where lecture was given by Dr. Zakaria Abdul Rahim from 
the infection control office at the University of Jordan Hospital. 
The activity was held on 9/2/2020 Ibn Sina amphitheater in the School of Nursing at12.30pm to 2:00 pm.
Mr. Zakaria talked about the nature of the virus and its origin, ways of transmission from one person 
to another and the incubation period of the virus, as well as symptoms of the infection ,its complications
 and the possibility of treatment . Where it was clarified that treatment is only for symptoms and there 
is currently no treatment or anti-virus for it. 
Also he clarified that the World Health Organization is in the process of finding a vaccine and 
treatment currently Research is still underway on this topic. He also explained 
the recommended methods of prevention globally to prevent transmission 
and spread of the virus and infection, including the role of the health team,
especially nursing, by spreading awarenessof this disease. 
He clarified the preparations and measures made by the Jordanian Ministry of Health 
as well as the University of Jordan Hospital 
to deal with suspected cases,and also affirmed that Jordan has
not registered any cases of HIV infection so far.​

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