A First Aid Course in the School of Rehabilitation

A person may face difficult situations in his life that force him to act quickly to save a human life. When he has the information and skill, he participates without hesitation to save that human life.

Accordingly, the Faculty of Nursing, represented by the University and Community Committee and the Office of the Assistant Dean for Development and Quality in the school of rehabilitation, held a first aid course in the school of rehabilitation for the Academic and  administrative staff at the School on Sunday, February 17/2/2019

The aim he aim of this course is to:
 Teach the participants how to provide First aid in cases of convulsions, cardiopulmonary arrest and aspiration both for pediatric and adult victims in order to maintain the life of the injured and reduce the complications that may result from various accidents.
The course was attended by about (25) participants trained under supervision of qualified faculty members from school of Nursing.

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