Health Care for Children within the Centenary of Achievement"

Under the patronages of the Dean of the School of Nursing;  Prof. Faryal Hiajana,  the Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department  held a panel discussion titled "Health Care for Children within the Centenary of Achievement" as part of the Centenary Conference held by The University of Jordan. The Head of Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department, Dr. Omayah Nassar, introduced  the panel  which discussed  the legislative reality for the protection of children in Jordan that was highlighted by  H.E. Dr. Sawsan Al Majali, a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Council for Family Affairs, where H.E. Al Majali emphasized that the provisions of the Jordanian Constitution came to protect the rights of all citizens, especially children, and talked about legislation, strategies and plans adopted by the government, the public health law and the draft of children's rights in Jordanian legislation. Moreover, Her Excellency Al Majali introduced the Domestic Violence Protection and Prevention of Human Trafficking Act, the Juvenile Act and the Disability Rights Act 2017. Then, Dr. Suhaila Halasa proceeded to highlight the history of the School of Nursing along with its  establishment and  main achievements, in particular the faculty of the Maternal and Child Health Department emphasizing on the Children Section Faculty members in relation to academic, research and community service. It was later followed by, Dr. Nassar, discussion of  the theoretical framework that the child health nursing section adopted in providing holistic nursing care for children and their families. Finally, Dr. Nadine Abdul Razek presented an analytical presentation on the reality of scientific research in the field of children's health nursing since 1987 until now.​