The Dean's meeting with the new students in the Bachelor of Nursing program for the academic year 2019/2020

In the presence of the Dean of the School of Nursing (Dr. Manar Al-Nabulsi) and the members of the Administrative staff the Assistant Dean for the students in the School in cooperation with The Union of the Students held a meeting for the new students for the year 2019/2020,  on Sunday 1/12/2019 from (10-11:30).
The dean provided information about the School and its various departments and faculty members. Moreover, she pointed out that the School accredited by the international accreditation institution, the ACEN, and she talked about the school achievement.
In addition,  she explained to the students the importance of adhering to the study plan, rules and regulations of the university, and encouraged them to participate in the extracurricular activities held by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university and to attend activities that encourage innovation and creativity And participate in scientific research with members of the faculty, and the Dean stressed the need to follow the School website and billboards within the School, and in the end the Dean wished success to all students .



School Of Nursing

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