Prof. Roberta has Completed a Fulbright Consultancy Visit

Roberta Durham RN, PhD Professor, California State University, East Bay has completed a Fulbright Specialist Consultancy visit to the University of Jordan, School of Nursing. During this visit Professor Durham has met with the School faculty, worked with the Maternity and Child health Department faculty, and visited and met with nurse managers, staff and director of Nursing at University of Jordan Hospital and Salt government hospital. She also met with Jordan Nursing Council to discuss the future of graduate nursing education and regulation.


Dr. Durham presented a two-hour lecture on Curriculum development for graduate nursing in maternal newborn specialty, and a workshop on Clinical Simulation in Professional Health Care Graduate Programs:  An Overview. This workshop was attended by medical and nursing faculty interested in using simulation in teaching clinical maternity care.
During this visit, a plan was made for a Needs Assessment for Maternal Newborn Nursing Specialist Graduate Nursing Program. Roberta Durham RN, PhD, Reema Safadi RN, PhD and Lubna Abushaikha, RN, CNS, PhD for Sigma Theta Tau, NuXi Chapter, and Bay Area California. This aim of this project is to conduct a needs assessment to explore from a variety of stakeholder (multiple disciplines) strategies to improve maternity service to utilize in the development of a graduate nursing program in maternal newborn nursing
This visit was finalized by a meeting with the Maternity and Child Health faculty to discuss issues of importance in implementing the new master’s program in Maternal and newborn Nursing.

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