Lecturer Duaa Maharmeh workshopping on Endnote

Lecturer Duaa Maharmeh conducted a workshop on Endnote software for PhD students at the school of nursing, introducing the software features and its use for managing research articles’ references and in-text citations.

The workshop was highly successful and received great satisfactory feedback from the attendees.


Mohammad Alsadi, one of the PhD students who attended the workshop, reflected on his learning experience in an appreciation letter sent to the Dean of the school. A copy of the letter is enclosed below.


For more information on the workshop and its content, please contact Mrs. Duaa Maharmeh at d.maharma@ju.edu.jo.



“Dear Respected Dean of Nursing, Dear Respected Vice Dean,

I am sending this e-mail to express my sincerest gratitude to an outstanding member at the faculty of nursing Ms. Duaa Maharmeh in her outstanding efforts in the lecture about Endnote software.

And special thanks for Dr. Reema to arrange for this lecture.


Myself, as a PhD student, I used to utilize MS Word reference manager and the primitive way of citation using google scholar. I heard about EndNote five years ago, day one of my Masters degree, but unfortunately, two trials of workshops which were provided by doctors from the faculty of nursing failed to put me on the list of EndNote adopters.

At both workshops, technical difficulties, poor display of product features, and solving the citation pains lead to failure of presenting the product.


Today, April15, 2018, Duaa Maharmeh came in based on an invitation form Dr. Reema Safadi to give us a lecture about EndNote reference manager as a part of the special topics in nursing course (professional writing) for the PhD students. I was not interested and against the usage of the software due to the bad experience I got in previous lectures about it.


Well...Duaa introduced the topic, and started by presenting a simple framework. The framework guides any user to the capabilities and main features of the software, provides an outline of the lecture and the expected outcomes of the lecture...... all in one-page simple framework that contain less than 20 words.


Then, she starts to tackle the pains of students in managing citations and references...solving all trouble in a click of a button. She showed all the simple tips and tricks that you will not find at any tutorial video or manual. She demonstrated the true spirit of a teacher who likes to "give". She is actually the true definition of "giving" in terms of education and knowledge transfer.


I would like to stress here the "passion" she expressed in teaching us the usage of the software, answering all of our questions, helping all of us one-by-one moving among the desks and PCs without showing any sign of stress or nervousness. She only showed "passion".


I apologize for the long e-mail, but I found it as the only way to thank the lady who, with a short encounter, put her prints in the development of my skills and knowledge as a professional researcher.


As an outcome of the lecture today, me and my colleagues decided to buy an original copy of the Software to start using it immediately.


Please advise me if there is any other way to recognize Duaa,


Yours faithfully,


Mohammad Alsadi, RN, MSc

Electronic Health Solutions

King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein Street,

King Hussein Business Park,

P.O. Box 4408, Amman 11953